The design-project of an apartment will help you to make it modern and stylish without wasting time, money, and the main thing is nerves. A professional designer while creating a project will take into account the layout of the room, carefully think about its zoning, preserve functionality, consider all the technical standards, listen to the wishes of the customer and fit into a specified budget. EuromedBud company offers professional design of apartments in Warsaw, in addition we provide a full cycle of repair works and engineering supervision.

There is a common misconception that interior designers services are used only by wealthy people or those who lack imagination or time to design their own homes. In fact, the creation of high-quality design project – a service available to all, and it uses the customers, regardless of social status and financial capabilities. Let’s see how it looks in practice and whether there are good reasons to order the production of the project from professionals, and not to deal with its creation by yourself.

How does it look in practice?

Once you have decided on the designer who will carry out the design of the apartment, he goes to the site to make its exact measurements. The accuracy of the measurements depends on the calculation of the necessary materials for work, the correctness of the layout, topology of communications and many other important points that need to be taken into account when drawing up a design project. After consultation at the site designer starts to create a project, this process takes place in several stages:

  1. Develops terms of reference.
  2. A draft design.
  3. 3D visualization in color is created.
  4. Working documentation is developed.
  5. Author’s supervision over the implementation of the project is carried out.

Sketches and visualization are made separately for each room, and then together with the working documentation is gathered into a single project with a detailed description of the customer’s future repair and finishing works. The creation of the project, depending on the area of the facility takes an average of 1-2 months, so order it yet at the stage of construction works, so then do not waste time waiting and be able to make changes in the layout during the design process.

Why is it worth ordering interior design of an apartment?

Many apartment owners believe that they are able to come up with their own apartment design. Now there are actually a lot of computer programs that help with this task. But there are at least 10 situations in which to entrust the development of interior design apartments need a professional designer:

  1. Lack of free time. To independently think through, and then do design renovation in the apartment, you need to spend a lot of time on the selection, layout and search for finishing materials. It is necessary to be fully immersed in the repair, to understand where and what sockets to install, how much and what paint to buy for the walls, etc. If you hire a designer, the customer need only tell him in detail their wishes, and about all the other issues he will take care of himself. The client in this case frees up a lot of time for himself, his family, hobbies or work.
  2. Limited financial resources. Many of those who dare to plan their own repair, mistakenly believe that the price of designing an apartment is very high. In practice, the money spent on the creation of a design project, pay off due to the fact that competently made drawings and estimates allow you to meet the planned budget and exclude the possibility of unplanned alterations, which can take a lot of money.
  3. The need for a professional approach. A quality design project allows you to make repairs without delays and problematic situations. A novice designer or self-taught is unlikely to be able to take into account all the subtleties, to prepare accurate drawings, and certainly he will not be able to create a realistic visualization. A professional will quickly streamline the process, prepare all the necessary documentation, give recommendations on the choice of materials, etc.
  4. There is no clear idea of what kind of design is needed. Even the abundance of all kinds of ready-made projects and photos of different interiors on the Internet does not guarantee that you will be able to find exactly the design solution that you want. A professional designer will be able to ask the right leading questions, clarify the wishes of all tenants of the apartment and offer ready-made collages that will meet your expectations and take into account the peculiarities of your living space.
  5. The effective use of space is required. If the apartment is small and it is necessary to properly distribute the space so that it is functional and comfortable, and the finishing and decorative elements visually enhance it, you simply can’t do without the help of a designer. He will not only be able to make a stylish design, but will create a comfortable and ergonomic space in an apartment of any size.
  6. You need a stylish interior. To independently create a fashionable interior, it is necessary not only to have a sense of style, but also to be interested in all trends in interior design, to follow all the innovations in this field and be able to apply them in practice. If this is not about you, it is better to use the help of a professional designer.
  7. Requires the purchase of a large number of materials. Experienced designers often already have an established base of reliable suppliers of quality materials, furniture and decor. They have personal discounts, so they buy everything they need for repair and interior design at very favorable prices.
  8. Needs Control. Having a design project makes it much easier to control the entire repair process. It specifies all the stages of work, provides a list of necessary materials and describes a detailed expenditure of money. If desired, the customer with the project can independently control the work at any stage.
  9. Periodically, there is a need to change or refine the project. If you during the repair decided to make changes to the project, to change the wall color or use a different finishing material, the designer will promptly help to find the right material and pick the best option for a replacement, which will be in harmony with the rest of the interior.
  10. You do not know who will deal with the implementation of the project. If the design project is performed by an experienced designer, he can immediately recommend a contractor who will qualitatively and quickly perform all tasks assigned to him. In this case, there is no need to spend time looking for a team and familiarize them with the project, the designer will do it for you.

By entrusting the development of a design project to a professional, you save time, and as a result you get a visually attractive, stylish apartment with high-quality repair and finishing works. Also you do not waste time looking for a contractor, the selection and purchase of materials, to monitor each stage of the work. Repair is fast and comfortable for you.

What do you get from the designer?

To convey your idea to the client, the designer can give him his idea in the form of a sketch in pencil, marker or electronically on a tablet, but the most informative are collages and 2D, 3D-visualization with special computer programs. The designer himself chooses how to present information to the client, but whatever method he did not do it, in any case, in addition to visualization in the design project should include a whole set of documents, namely:

  • conceptual sketches of all rooms in an already selected color scheme with an indication of the size of furniture and equipment;
  • Drawings detailing the location of nodes of utilities and various options for layout;
  • installation diagrams of floors, ceilings and walls, indicating the types of coating and the selection of decorative elements, with the location of lighting devices, outlets and switches;
  • diagrams of the location of doors, ventilation, air conditioning and other equipment;
  • Plan installation of kitchen equipment, furniture, indicating the laying of tiles and other decorative elements in the kitchen and bathrooms.

In fact, the design project is a ready-made scheme by which the contractor can work when creating the interior of the apartment. It is important to understand that during the repair process, changes and modifications may be made to the project, for example, there may be changes in size and types of finishing materials, which may not be available in the store. The designer can make adjustments to the drawings as his project progresses.

Interior design of apartments

Initially, the designer agrees on the concept of future design of the apartment with the customer, chooses the stylistic direction, color scheme and layout of rooms. Also, carefully thought-out furniture placement and modeled lighting. To the customer was more convenient to present the future interior, the designer draws it in a special program. Visual representation helps the client to assess the interaction of colors and harmony of furniture placement.

A list of what is needed for each room

The project documentation includes a detailed description of where and what to build additional partitions, make joints for wiring and what finishing materials should be used in each room. A detailed project includes not only the nomenclature of materials, but also the names of brands and even a list of stores where these materials can be purchased.

Appropriate wall colors

The designer can offer several color options for walls for the client’s consideration. He can make recommendations not only on the color, but on the texture and pattern of all surfaces. On the basis of the wall colors, you can adjust the color of upholstery, pick up curtains, cornices, curtains and other textiles for the room.

3D visualization of the apartment interior

3D visualization gives a complete picture of the future design of the apartment, while a flat sketch allows you to see only a limited amount of space. Carefully thought-out 3D visualization clearly conveys the features of the room, used in the decoration of materials, their textures, and gives a clear idea of the location of furniture and decor elements.

How to prepare for a meeting with the designer?

When you decide on a particular design bureau or a private designer who will carry out the design of the apartment, prepare carefully for the first meeting with him. Be sure to take with you the plan of the apartment or the documents provided by the builder. With the help of documentation, the designer will find it easier to evaluate the current situation and understand the prospects of the existing space.

Determine how you see your apartment in the end

Tell the designer about all of your ideas for interior renovations. Even if you think that the idea is “crazy” or difficult to implement, be sure to tell about it, a real professional will offer you options for its implementation or find a decent replacement. He will help to structure your ideas about the future apartment, while using technologically proven solutions.

Show what you like

Search the Internet for photos of interior designs that inspire you, which you would like to look up to. It may not be a finished project, but only individual rooms or even individual elements of the decor that catch your attention and put you in a positive mood. The pictures you have will help you to find a quicker understanding with the designer and can orient him or her in your desires.

Measure and photograph the room

Do not spare time and take as many photos of your apartment from different angles as possible. This will help the designer to assess all the nuances of the room and understand in what state it is at the moment. If you want the apartment to have some expensive interior items, or family heirlooms, tell the designer about it, and provide the photos, and he will definitely think of where they will be located in the future interior.

How much does it cost to design an apartment in 2023?

For the design of the apartment, the price depends on many factors. First of all, the cost of the service is influenced by the professionalism and experience of the designer. If you apply to a beginner, he will make a project at a low price, but there is no guarantee that he will take into account all the important points of the design project and will be able to subsequently carry out the author’s supervision of its implementation.

If you apply to an ordinary construction company, which does not specialize in the design, but only performs construction work, you will be given a standard project, which includes several standard drawings, without 3D-visualization, and unique solutions designed directly for your apartment.

The cost of the design project will depend on the square footage of the room, on whether there will be designer’s supervision and who will subsequently deal with its implementation. If the creation of the project, supervision and implementation is ordered from one company, it will be much cheaper than to trust these works to different teams.

Professional apartment design in Warsaw

If you want to have a perfect interior, entrust the design of your Warsaw apartment to Euromed Bud. In our company not only one person but a whole team of professionals is working on the design project. In our company there are no casual people: architects, electricians, plumbers, air conditioning engineers, ventilation and heating systems engineers are working for us for many years and with each new project increase their knowledge and qualification level. Due to the joint efforts of the whole team and years of experience in designing apartments, we offer our clients unique design-projects that best meet their expectations and fit into their budget.


If you want to get not banal interior, but an exclusive solution that will not only be stylish, but functional and comfortable to live in, do not be stingy, and order a professional apartment design. A quality design project will save your nerves and time, and also allow you to keep within the allocated budget for repairs. The apartment with good design will give positive emotions to you and all the members of your family for many years.

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Apartment design project
Apartment design project
Apartment design
Apartment design
Designing an apartment in Warsaw
Designing an apartment in Warsaw


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