When your house design faces the bathroom challenge, the right choice of materials is the first thing you must consider along with its design and functionality. They must be moisture and evaporation-resistant and at the same time fungus and mold-proof which you may ensure with quality brands and a calibration of every detail in your bathroom design.

How to arrange a bathroom?

The design of the bathroom largely depends on the space, as some styles require bigger room. For example, classic design is unlikely to fit into a smaller space, as the least hardly fits in a small shower. Go for simplicity with such tiny – projects, as they detail and shape-minimalistic, thus space saving but no way boring. Visit us and our designers will definitely suggest customized eye-catching options. All in all, your bathroom design will depend on the interior solutions in your home and your taste.

Why bathroom design matters?

Usually, the bathroom does not take much space in one’s house, which means less design options to go for. Just be happy to squeeze in either a shower tub or a basin (or both), sink, a washing machine (and a dryer?), the shelves for beauty stuff and household chemicals. The number of the most needed conveniences to be placed in the bathroom is always huge, but it seems like there is no space for that all. That is why an expert view of the designer is vital to project your ideal bathroom with all the stuff smoothly fitting into it. If you decided to tackle this challenge yourself, the Google surely will show you hundreds or thousands of options to your “bathroom design” search. Yet, which one is yours? We must admit that such DIY endeavour is time and energy consuming if you have lack of expertise. Still, nothing is impossible. If you still inspired to DIY your bathroom, we suggest digging into volumes of information and find out the trends in today’s world.

The must-follow ergonomic for bathrooms

A small bathroom design is even more of a challenge than one of a medium or large space as every square matters. As with any other room, be sure to follow the ergonomic distances to make it comfortable to use and maintain plumbing. You can ignore them, if there is total lack of space and those standards do not fit in. Still, we suggest doing your best to implement the minimum. For example, the average person simply cannot turn around in a shower tub smaller than 76 x 76 cm.

Refine Your Bathroom According To All Those Heights and Widths

Every item in the bathroom calls for its space, which will allow you to use it effortlessly in terms of handling your bathroom routine without discomfort and bruises because something pops up on your way when you reach something else. Here what is suggested:

– The minimum size allowance for a rectangular-shaped bathroom with a washbasin and a hinged door is 140 x 95 cm, while that of a square-shaped is 120 х 120 sm. Yet you may cut off some space provided better ergonomic conveniences and sliding door;

– The minimum size allowance for a room with a toilet and a sink, a sliding door and a bathtub is 150 x 150 cm. Cut some off, if you go for just a shower tub option a rectangular shower and get minimum of 135 x 150 cm;

– The minimum size allowance for bidets and toilets is 70 x 120 cm. Wall installation requires minimum free space of 20 cm if other conveniences in proximity. The height to install hanging toilets is 45 cm above the floor;

– The conventional size of the sinks is 60 x 45 cm, while the length of the counter is 70 cm. If you install a double sink, then the length is 90 cm, and the counter is 120 cm. Keep in mind that the minimum distance between two taps is 60 cm;

– The standard height to install a sink is 85 cm, but it is optional due to the height of the people who will use it;

– The user’s height also matters for the cabinet (the standard is 85-90 cm above the floor level);

– It is best to install the mirror at the height of 35 cm above the sink and 15 cm above the faucet.

The Design Insights to get the Eye-Catching Functional Bathroom

Whether you are making a complete design of your home or follow a constructor’s free plan and still have room to utilize, then the following suggestions will help you to reach the perfection:

  1. The best shape for a bathroom is rectangular. You can go for what you like, but this would fit in everything in a functional way and eliminate unused space.
  2. Go for shared bathroom and toilet. This is best option if you have two bathrooms in your house, as you would avoid inconvenience of using the toilet and a shower at the same time. It saves space and allows you to fit in some extra items.
  3. Built-in plumbing not only looks stylish but also feels more functional. When you choose installed toilet flush, you can also fit in a boiler on an extra shelve on top of it, while such an overload will not disrupt your bathroom design aesthetic.
  4. A tile-concealed bathroom looks stylish as well. You would hide the bottom of the bath without those freaky original plastic panels. If the concealing space allows, you may use it as a detergent storage as well.
  5. Consider built-in washing machine along with the cabinets under the sink countertop.

Do you really have to choose between a bath basin and a shower tub?

When you hesitate choosing a basin or a shower tub, then we can ensure that there is no need to choose. Your bathroom design could fit both, within a limited space allowance for a single item. One of the most stylish solutions is to replace polyester curtain with attractive glass options. They will help to combine a bathtub and a shower cabin into one unit. To do so, place a glass shutter by the bathtub and the perfect 2in1 set is ready to serve you. Just keep in mind that the size of the bath in this case must fit in 170 x 70 cm.

Multiple bathrooms: how many and where?

If you got lucky to have a large family and an extra room to plan several bathrooms, the best option in this case would be planning two of the last. You can use them as a master bathroom and a guest bathroom, or keep for yourself avoiding morning lines of those waiting for a shower. Being blessed to possess two bathrooms, you do not have to choose between a bathtub or a shower cabin, just put them separately into each of the rooms.

Usually, a developer plans the space for a bathroom and you do not have to think about that. However, if your design allows optional layout, you cannot change the layout of the plumbing pipes. Instead, you can just shift them a little bit, but not to the opposite side of the house.  

How to choose accessories that are trendy functional solutions

Accessories are the eye-capturing stroke on the canvas of your house design. You would unlikely recollect that beautiful beige wall seen in dozens of other houses, but that very picture, a super-functional element in the kitchen or a moss wall would certainly stick into in your memory. Choosing bathroom accessories, pay attention not only to how they look, but also to how they will fit and what the finish they have. Let’s say, an antique wooden chest is not the best choice as it wouldn’t survive trough such a humidity. Here is what we suggest:

– a set of a soap dispenser, a toothbrushes bowl and a soap prop. Such sets go in a variety of choice and trendy materials. Biodegradable options are especially popular;

– intricate hooks and hangers in the form of chairs, birds, arrows. Forget the standard boring metal options;

– laundry baskets, having extraordinary design referring to whales and elephants;

– rugs of fantasy colours, sizes and textures;

– curtains with tricky patterns.

The market today offers a great variety of options that you definitely will not find in the house of every second Ikea lover. The main rule is to choose accessories based on your interior. Let them highlight it and not shouting it down.

How to choose the colours for your bathroom?

The colour choice in your bathroom depends on:

– your taste;

– the design which sometimes is too minimalistic to afford going beyond its limits otherwise you may destroy the atmosphere;

– the size of the room. Light colours, as you know, bring in the feeling of a bigger space, while dark ones dark ones visually shrink the room. So better, avoid dark colours in a small bathroom.

If you admire minimalistic interiors, you could go for a single colour but in its various shades segregating the functional space and highlighting strategic design elements. The best combinations are usually made of three to five different colours. More colours is hard to combine as they will disrupt room aesthetics and make you feel uncomfortable in it.

Loft bathroom

Loft is one of the most popular styles in contemporary apartments and houses. It cannot stand the conventional. Loft stands out for its:

– eclectic of trendy and old shabby items;

– open plumbing and construction elements. Conventionally, the modern designers pursue a conceal-it-all tendency, while for the loft, on the contrary, they stay away of it and display the necked beauty of the construction process;

– abundance of textures;

– dark colours. However, be careful here, especially when it comes to a small bathroom;

– variety of lights;

– concrete, concrete, and concrete. This one is a totem for loft admirers, as many interior elements and most of the finish is made from it.

Loft highlights the unconventional. Like a fantasy-shaped mirror or an appealing shape lamp, a sink, a faucet, a towel rail and even the toilet basin. However, we must admit, that despite seemingly freedom, the Loft is about geometry. This style is expensive. You can save on the finishes, but you would hardly do it on the accessories that are unconventional in shape and design. Plan the storage space for your detergents and beauty care in advance as the loft bathroom would not tolerate mess. See here more details about the Loft interiors and what makes it.

When you might need an expert?

A project that deals with planning rooms and plumbing layout need an eye of a good designer and likely will get really comfortable, functional and astounding space. This works best for small bathrooms, fitting in many staff, which might seem a challenge. However, be sure with our experts there is nothing impossible. Unless you decide to fit in a four-seat double-sink jacuzzi in the bathroom of a four square meters size.

Bathroom design in Warsaw

Choosing a contractor for renovation, study the market first. When you search for “bathroom design Warsaw”, you will find dozens of different companies. However, we have an advantage as we support our work with the guarantee, which means we do it appropriately, and our first estimate never changes its figures. Visit us, if you value your time and want to know exactly how much your repair or renovation will cost without skyrocketing figures popping in the end. We at Euromed-Bud commits to do our best to make your renovation a positive experience.

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