The opening of a dental office is the result of many years of work and professional development, so the design of dental offices is not limited to utilitarian purposes – the room becomes the embodiment of a personal brand and prestige. At the same time, medical architecture provides the design of dental offices with many regulations that are important to comply with for the sake of patient safety. The author’s projects of the Euromed-Bud company find a balance between functionality, aesthetics and the requirements of the law – in such an environment, both doctors and patients feel comfortable and at ease!

What is the dental office design process like?

The development of design projects for medical premises is carried out by a team of qualified specialists; an integrated approach allows you to take into account all the nuances that make up the feeling of comfort. The professional design of the dental office is carried out in several stages; each of them is important for solving the tasks and achieving the expected result:

  • taking measurements, studying the master plan and utility lines;
  • execution of technical specifications;
  • development of a preliminary design, coordination of the interior concept;
  • selection of building materials, furniture and equipment;
  • preparation and approval of estimates;
  • preparation of working documentation.

Each design stage is carried out in close contact with the customer; when approving the final version, not only technical and ergonomic aspects but also the psychology of perception of colour, lighting and space are taken into account, and an effective corporate identity is developed.

The result of the design is a 3D model that visualizes the interior in the smallest detail, due to which the idea is as close as possible to practical implementation. For the working teams, working documentation is prepared, such as drawings, calculations, specifications and surface profiles, which are used as instructions for performing work.

First consultation

Before ordering a dental office design project, we offer to discuss the terms of cooperation and the estimated budget of the project at a free preliminary consultation. You will tell us about your expectations, ideas and preferences, and we will consider the available options, think over how to better use the features of the room and compensate for possible shortcomings.

Conceptual design

After consultation and clarification of the characteristics of the premises, we proceed to the development of a sketch, offering several options for architectural and planning solutions to choose from. At this stage, the arrangement is not detailed; it is more important for us to convey the general atmosphere of the project in order to approve the concept of the interior, which serves as a starting point for further decisions.


After the concept of the premises is approved, we proceed to the working project: we think over utility lines and the location of sockets and special equipment, think over the decorative design: colours, lighting design and furniture, textile design and accent decor. At the same time, financial issues are being worked out: we will help to select more affordable materials, furniture and special equipment with meeting the high-quality standards.

Interior decoration of the dental office

The legislation regulations do not directly regulate the dental office design – only the dimensions of the room, the zoning of space and the properties of finishing materials are regulated. The choice of finishing technology and colours is yours; you can create bright charismatic interiors with a unique atmosphere and character!


In the decoration of walls, floors and ceilings, it is prescribed to use inert hypoallergenic materials that are easy to clean, less susceptible to abrasion and are not damaged by frequent contact with detergents and disinfectants. Finishing materials for medical premises should not support combustion and emit toxic fumes when temperature and humidity fluctuate. You should also take care of the soundproofing of the walls – the sound of working drills should not disturb the patients in the waiting room and bother the administrative staff.

When choosing floor coverings, non-slip materials with antistatic properties, such as linoleum, quartz-vinyl, porcelain stoneware, and polymer self-levelling floors, are the priority. To improve the tightness, the floors are laid in sheets or massive panels, the joints are carefully sealed and levelled, and the seams between adjacent sheets are soldered. The junctions of the floors and walls are carefully rounded off, and the sheets of linoleum adjacent to the walls are neatly tucked under the baseboards.

Technology and colour scheme

For wall decoration, materials with a smooth surface without pores that do not accumulate dust such as latex paints, moisture-resistant plaster, ceramic tiles or waterproof wallpaper are preferred. Typically, dental office projects are designed in corporate colours; all rooms should have shades chosen for the corporate logo. The optimal colour scheme for the dental office is based on the balance of warm and cold tones, which sets a trusting atmosphere in the room.

Cold light colours create a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, which is associated with sterility and professionalism; the addition of beige, sandy-coloured and apricot shades will make the atmosphere more comfortable and homely, while bright colour accents bring dynamics and rhythm to the interior. In children’s dental offices, you can use more saturated shades of yellow, blue, green, orange, pink and red, but you should avoid flashy colours and sharp contrasts that tire eyesight and excite the nervous system.

Finishing of the ceiling

For arranging the ceiling, it is allowed to use suspended, stretch, false ceilings and structures that provide a smooth, even surface that is convenient for washing and disinfecting. To paint the ceiling over old oil and alkyd coatings, waterproof water-dispersion paints are also used, which have high adhesive properties and do not tend to peel away.

Aesthetics of the premises

The aesthetics of space largely depends on harmonious combinations of shades, lines and textures, which must be included in a single stylistic concept. When furnishing rooms, it is important to take into account the compatibility of furniture and decor with dental equipment, therefore, preference is given to modern trends in interior design, which allow proximity to high-tech elements. The most popular styles are hi-tech, minimalism and neoclassic, there are also spectacular interiors with elements of modern, vintage and art deco.

Dental office furniture

For the dental office, furniture with laminated and steel surfaces is chosen, which is instantly cleaned in one motion; materials with bacteriostatic properties are also commercially available. Furniture design is not standardized, but it is better to choose suspended models or furniture with legs to provide free access to the floor. Decor elements in the room make the atmosphere more casual, distract patients from unpleasant thoughts and help to endure discomfort during manipulations.

Dental office lighting

The number and characteristics of light sources are calculated based on technological standards: the general level of illumination in the dental office should be 300 lux, and 500 lux in the workplace. When placing fixtures, the arrangement of equipment and the direction of daylight flows are taken into account – the environment should not affect the dominant colour of artificial lighting. The most comfortable for the eyes are lamps of warm yellow light, with the characteristics as close as possible to daylight.

To illuminate the dentist’s workplace, shadowless lamps with the highest colour rendering index are used, and to increase the flow of light to the working area, when the doctor’s head, shoulders and hands cover parts of the lamp matrix, domes, mirrors and reflectors built into the lamp design are used. At the same time, natural light should not be neglected – daylight is less tiring for the eyesight and nervous system, so it is necessary to avoid darkening window openings.

What do you need to know when designing a dental office?

When designing such a specific object as a dental office, the design is standardized in the same way as for all medical institutions: the room for receiving patients is located in isolation. If the reception is conducted on the territory of a multi-storey building, the dental office must have a separate entrance; if a doctor receives patients at home, the working premises should not be used for personal purposes.

The minimum allowable area of a dental office with one chair is 12 sq. meters; with the installation of each new chair, another 8 sq. meters are added. Ventilation should provide an air exchange rate of at least 1.5 times per hour; fire safety regulations also provide for the arrangement of two emergency exits with emergency lighting. When designing dental offices, the needs of people with disabilities are also taken into account: doorways are expanded, and adaptive equipment, such as ramps, lifts, handrails, etc. are installed.

The interior layout is also subject to regulating: in addition to the office for receiving patients, there is a reception room, a waiting room, a common room, toilets for patients and staff with markings, and, if possible, a utility room is allocated for storing dental instruments and consumables. In addition to general sanitary and hygienic standards, several requirements are imposed on the equipment of the premises of the dental office:

  • The reception area has space for a wardrobe and a bathroom with a washbasin where patients can brush their teeth before their appointment.
  • The area of the waiting room depends on the number of offices; the number of seats is determined on the basis of five people per office.
  • The dental office should not be located in the walk-through room; hot water is supplied to the room for receiving the patients, and a sink is installed for sanitizing hands and tools.
  • When using X-ray equipment, protective shielding and the use of PPE is mandatory.
  • In the toilets, a vestibule with a washbasin and a place for storing hygiene items is being designed.

What should make a well-designed dental office stand out?

A design project of a high professional level serves as the basis for a stylish and functional interior that inspires confidence at first sight. Thanks to the creation of a comfortable relaxing environment, dentist appointments no longer terrify the patient, and the space is used with maximum efficiency. The furniture in the office is arranged taking into account the direction of movement of the staff, the necessary tools are always at hand, and there is no feeling of fuss and constraint in the waiting room.

Why design a dental office?

The author’s project for the construction of a dental office increases the cost of the premises and can be a profitable investment; in addition, the professional design allows you to achieve the perfect harmony of form and content. Showing up for the appointment, the patient immediately understands that their health is in good hands, and the doctor, working in comfortable conditions, will demonstrate their skills in the best possible way. Thanks to the competent setting of utility lines, the equipment will work flawlessly, and strict adherence to technical standards will ensure the safety of the dental manipulations.

Dental office design price

Each object is unique, each project of the Euromed-Bud company is unique, therefore, the price for the dental office design is calculated individually. The cost of the project is affected by the volume, timing and complexity of the work, the architectural features and technical condition of the premises, as well as the goals, expectations and preferences of customers, but in any case, we will try to meet your budget and offer a favourable price! To clarify the details, contact the duty manager or leave a request for a preliminary consultation on the website, and we will dispel your doubts!

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