Even if you are not planning a large-scale repair in the whole apartment, but only want to remodel one or two rooms, do not neglect the help of a professional designer. In order to make the room maximum comfortable, functional and at the same time looked stylish, while drawing up a design project to take into account its size, purpose and many other important factors. If you are a novice designer or self-taught, to design everything correctly by yourself you are unlikely to succeed, and to correct errors made during the repair may take much more effort, time and money than paying for a quality project.

Professional design of rooms are engaged specialists of the company Euromed Bud. Our designers and architects develop each design project individually, since each room has its own characteristics, which are worth paying attention to the design.

Designing the living room

The living room is a favorite place of the whole family. It should be as cozy, warm and comfortable as possible for all household members. Designing rooms of this type has its own characteristics, first of all it is the obligatory presence of the fundamental element, which is the center of the entire composition. In the living room, most often this function is performed by a large dining table, TV-zone, and in rooms with a fireplace – the fireplace zone with armchairs and carpet.

Special attention in the living room designers pay special attention to the arrangement of furniture. Now it’s not fashionable to install it along the walls and clutter the space with cupboards and cupboards. A more original option is to zone the room with racks or sofas. Also, the living room should have more free space, so the use of decor should be minimal.

Designing the dining room and kitchen

The main thing to think about when designing the kitchen and dining room is their location. They can be in separate rooms or combined in a single space. Additional costs await you if these rooms were previously separated, and during the repair you wanted to unite them. At the same time, combining the kitchen with the dining room is an ideal solution for small apartments, because in this way their space is visually expanded. It is convenient for the hostess to serve dishes on the table in a single space, and while cooking, to communicate with the housemates. The inconvenience of co-location is that the smells from cooking spread around the house faster, but to eliminate this problem it is enough to design a good ventilation system.

Designing the bedroom

The bedroom should not just be a place to sleep, but a space to fully relax. The design of your room should be individual, because for some people it is important to have a bookshelf and a coffee table with soft chairs for reading before going to bed, and for others it is important to have a huge closet or a separate exit to the dressing room. Only an experienced designer will be able to take into account all the wishes of the customer and propose the best design project for him.

If the bedroom is small, it is better to give preference to light colors in its design, they will visually increase the space. In large rooms, you can use dark and contrasting shades. With bright colors is better not to overdo it, they can cause discomfort and reduce the quality of rest.

The main element of furniture in the bedroom is a bed. Its shape, form and location in the interior should be discussed with the designer. Also in the bedroom you need to carefully think about the lighting system. It is desirable that in addition to the main source of light there should be sources with diffused light, creating an intimate and peaceful atmosphere in the room.

Designing a home office

When designing a home office, the designer faces the task of organizing the space so that it is as isolated as possible from extraneous sounds. The office should create an atmosphere that will be conducive to productive work or active creative work.

In the office the main role is played by the working area, the main element of which is a table, chair or chair and auxiliary elements like shelves, shelves and all kinds of organizers. The home office should be as functional as possible, comfortable, practical, with good soundproofing and well thought out lighting of the working area.

The home office can be created as a separate room or as a cozy working area in the bedroom, living room, on the loggia or balcony. For an experienced designer to create a comfortable workspace it is enough to find a free space of only a few square meters in the apartment.

Designing small rooms

The main task of a designer who designs a small room is to make the most efficient use of each of its meters and at the same time visually expand it. To achieve this effect, professionals use the following techniques:

  • The use of white in the finishing and decor, as well as a large number of mirror surfaces;
  • Proper zoning of the room;
  • Absence of huge decorative objects;
  • the use of light, airy textiles, curtains and blinds;
  • good lighting, using a large number of sources of artificial light;
  • the use of photo wallpaper and optical illusions.

In a small room, it is recommended to arrange the furniture in letters U or D. In order not to visually reduce the space, it is necessary to avoid placing furniture along all walls. The optimal choice for small spaces is their decoration in a classic or minimalist style.

Room shape

To design a room was practical and stylish, you need to consider not only its size, height or number of sources of natural light, but also the shape of the room. Consider the techniques that designers use to create interiors in rooms of the most common shapes – rectangle and square.

Rectangular room design

Rectangular rooms are most often found in modern homes, but to create a beautiful and comfortable interior, they are not considered the easiest. If the room is small, light colors are used for finishing, a large – bright and dark. If it is long and narrow, then to even out the shape, narrow walls are painted in warm shades, and wide – in cold tones.

Furniture in rectangular rooms in no case should not be arranged along the perimeter or along the long walls. Such an arrangement visually emphasizes the disproportionate space and makes it more elongated. In their corners also should not install massive objects of interior. If the room is long enough, it can be zoned with a small sofa or a couple of armchairs, and also use for this purpose a shelving unit or a cabinet with a TV.

Design of a square room

In a square room, the furnishings can be symmetrical or deliberately asymmetrical. Whatever option you choose, it is important to remember that the space in its center must necessarily be empty. This is an unspoken rule of interior design in any square room, that is, the furniture in it is placed unambiguously only along the walls. The only exceptions are rooms with lots of windows, in which case the furniture should be of island type.

In small square rooms for zoning is not used partitions or furniture, but a combination of finishing materials or colors in the decoration of surfaces. This should be done competently, so as not to overload the room with details and not to make it visually even smaller.

Room color

When creating a project, it is necessary not only to take into account personal desires, but also to remember the laws of coloristics. Correctly chosen color scheme allows you to make the room maximum cozy, stylish and harmonious. Choosing a color scheme yourself, take into account the following nuances:

  • The purpose of the room and its dimensions. In large rooms, warm colors will help to create comfort, in small rooms – cool colors. In the study, use beige, gray, green and brown shades, and for the kitchen you can choose bright colors – red, yellow and orange;
  • orientation of windows on the side of the world. If the windows face the south sunny side, the walls should be painted in cool shades, while on the north side – in warm colors;
  • personal preferences. The designer offers stylish and modern solutions, but if the customer does not like pastel colors, and prefers bright prints, national ornaments and a lot of bright decor, this should definitely be taken into account when designing the interior.

Room materials

When decorating living rooms, try to use natural materials as much as possible. In the first place it is natural wood, stone and fabric. For economic premises are more suitable option would be practical and durable materials – tiles, porcelain tiles. When you order the design of the room to a professional, then you can not worry about the selection of materials, because he will offer you a whole set of sample materials to choose from, will provide complete information about them, calculate the exact amount of materials with a reserve and even pick up suppliers.

Furniture Style

Designing a room culminates in the selection of furniture, textiles and decor. The choice of these elements depends on the style in which the room is designed. If the style of Provence is chosen, the furniture should be made of wood with elements of carving, with glass inserts, painted in light colors and aged. Sofas and chairs are soft, comfortable and cozy. Loft style furniture can be different colors and textures, often made using plastic, chipboard, metal and glass. It is simple and as functional as possible. Furniture for the classic interior is always pretentious, refined and aristocratic. It is characterized by symmetry and proportionality. It is made of precious wood, and for upholstery is used brocade, satin, velvet, silk and leather.

Room décor

Making a design project, a professional designer often offers the client several decor options in different price ranges. Professionals regularly attend design exhibitions, presentations and are well versed not only in the choice of stylish solutions, but also in the prices for them. The project can include decorative items from well-known brands, textiles from exclusive collections and unique interior items, if the client’s budget allows it. If the client has a modest financial resources, the designer selects the decor from more accessible materials.

Interior design style

When ordering interior design rooms, you can choose your own style in which it will be created. The following styles are particularly popular now:

  1. Classic – this is always exquisite and sophisticated. The basis of the modern interior in the classical style is modular furniture, a single-colored ceiling, wallpaper with ornaments and parquet flooring.
  2. Minimalism is a style characterized by simplicity, precision and practicality. The design is dominated by light colors, the interior uses a minimal amount of furniture, there is no division into zones, and the decor is as simple as possible. In the finishing prevail natural materials. The space should be as free as possible and without unnecessary decorative elements and furniture.
  3. Provincial or Provence style. This is a style of interior, which combines the rustic comfort and simplicity with the spirit of aristocratism and French elegance. The color scheme of this style is dominated by light, warm shades, muted pastels, slightly whitened, as if burnt in the sun. For flooring stone, tile or wooden planks are used that can be left untreated or painted in shades of beige, cream and light brown. Door frames and windows should also be white. Furniture in the Provence style looks elegant and functional, it is made mainly of natural wood of light species, decorated with patina and carvings. For lighting, elegant pendant lamps, chandeliers with lampshades, etc. are used. Decorate with porcelain figurines, painted plates and other attributes of country life.
  4. Country style, like Provence, touches on the rustic flavor. It uses a lot of natural materials for finishing and decor: parquet, wooden boards, linings, beams, wallpaper with patterns and floral elements. The furniture is made of natural materials, and forged elements may be used.
  5. Art Nouveau is a style that always looks understated, but elegant. In the interior in the style of art nouveau everything should be in harmony, and everything should be simple and practical. The color of the walls and ceiling are discreet: sand, beige, apricot or peach. The furniture is made of wood and glass, and may have bronze and steel elements. Upholstered furniture has a smooth streamlined shape, it should be both compact and comfortable.

How much does it cost to design a room?

It is difficult to unequivocally answer how much it will cost to design a room Warsaw. The fact that the rates for the design project depends on many factors:

  • The degree of uniqueness of the project. Standard projects are cheaper, while individual projects are more expensive;
  • The details of the project. If the finished project has only a few typical schemes, it will cost less than a full design project with 3D-visualization;
  • The area of the room. The price for the design is specified per sq.m., so the larger the area of the room, the higher the cost of the finished project;
  • The experience of the designer. Beginners and self-taught can set very low prices for their work to fill up their portfolio, but there is no guarantee that their project will take into account all the features of the room and ultimately be able to satisfy the client’s needs. At the same time, famous designers can overprice their services, justifying it only with their status and wide popularity. In addition, their projects usually use newfangled expensive materials, because of which the project will also be very expensive.

If you want to get a quality and affordable room design project, contact the company EuromedBud. Our experts offer proven, cost-effective solutions and provide a warranty on all types of work.


Planning a repair in just one room, you should not ignore the help of professional designers. When drawing up a design project, they take into account not only the purpose of the room, but also its individual features and clients’ wishes. Proper design of the room is a guarantee that it will remain functional, comfortable and stylish for many years.

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