Painting Works
LP. Types of Work Unit Net Price
1. Priming of walls, ceilings, floors m2 from PLN 5
2. Painting with primer paint m2 from PLN 7
3. Painting with water-based paint (2 layers) m2 from PLN 15
4. Window painting m2 from PLN 150
5. Door painting m2 from PLN 100
6. Painting of radiators pcs from PLN 100
7. Pipe painting LM from PLN 20
8. Stripping walls and ceilings m2 from PLN 20
9. Wallpapering m2 from PLN 50
Tile Setting Works
LP. Types of Work Unit Net Price
1. Dismantling tiles m2 from PLN 25
2. Alignment of walls and floors before tiling m2 from PLN 30
3. Setting tiles sizes from 30 to 60 cm m2 from PLN 120
4. Setting GRES tiles sizes from 30 to 60 cm m2 from PLN 120
5. Setting GRES tiles size from 60 to 120 cm m2 from PLN 150
6. Stone setting m2 from PLN 150
7. Mosaic setting m2 from PLN 250
8. Plinth walling with cutting LM from PLN 50
9. Ready-made plinth walling LM from PLN 30
10. Holes in ceramic tiles pcs from PLN 30
11. Holes in GRES tiles pcs from PLN 50
12. Holes in stone pcs from PLN 60
13. Decor tile setting LM from PLN 60
14. Grinding 45° corners LM from PLN 70
15. Grinding 45° corners on the mosaic LM from PLN 100
16. Bathroom setting pcs from PLN 400
17. Shower tray setting pcs from PLN 200
Works with Drywall
LP. Types of Work Unit Net Price
1. Installation of drywall ceilings m2 from PLN 100
2. Installation of drywall partitions (1 layer) m2 from PLN 80
3. Drywall setting to walls m2 from PLN 50
4. Installation of drywall on the walls (framework) m2 from PLN 60
5. Attic insulation (cotton wool, vapour barrier, frame, drywall) m2 from PLN 150
6. Sealing joints on drywall LM from PLN 20
7. Wall putty m2 from PLN 30
8. Installation of perforated angles LM from PLN 20
LP. Types of Work Unit Net Price
1. Laying partition walls up to 120 mm thick m2 from PLN 80
2. Gypsum plastering m2 from PLN 30
3. Dismantling of partitions m2 from PLN 60
4. Dismantling of plaster m2 from PLN 25
5. Glass stones laying m2 from PLN 200
6. Door dismantling pcs from PLN 100
7. Installation of internal doors pcs from PLN 250
8. Installation of window sills LM from PLN 80
Floor Works
LP. Types of Work Unit Net Price
1. Dismantling of old parquet m2 from PLN 25
2. Carpet dismantling m2 from PLN 20
3. Dismantling of linoleum m2 from PLN 20
4. Carpet installation m2 from PLN 20
5. Linoleum installation m2 from PLN 20
6. Laying laminate m2 from PLN 30
7. Installation of skirting boards LM from PLN 20
8. Parquet installation m2 from PLN 30
9. Sanding + varnishing m2 from PLN 80
10. Self-levelling floor m2 from PLN 30
Plumbing Installation and Dismantling Works
LP. Types of Work Unit Net Price
1. Water and sewer point of the shower tray pcs from PLN 200
2. Central heating point pcs from PLN 200
3. Dismantling of the water and sewer point pcs from PLN 80
4. Dismantling of a bathtub, shower cabin, washbasin, etc. pcs from PLN 40
5. Installation of a rack for a wall hung toilet pcs from PLN 250
6. Radiator installation pcs from PLN 120
7. Washbasin installation pcs from PLN 80
8. Bath installation pcs from PLN 250
9. Installation of a standard faucet pcs from PLN 50
10. Installation of a concealed faucet pcs from PLN 500
11. Installation of a shower tray pcs from PLN 150
12. Shower cabin installation pcs from PLN 300
13. Installation of glass for a shower cabin pcs from PLN 150
14. Chases for pipes LM from PLN 60
LP. Types of Work Unit Net Price
1. Electrical point pcs from PLN 80
2. Installation of sockets and switches pcs from PLN 15
3. Switchboard installation Модуль from PLN 60
4. Installation of fixtures pcs from PLN 40
5. Dismantling the electrical point pcs from PLN 30
6. Chases for wires LM from PLN 40

The Cost of Services of a Construction and Renovation Company

Renovation of residential and commercial real estate in Warsaw, Poland is a costly undertaking, which is customary to plan ahead and save money. No project is similar to the other, the average prices are not very informative, therefore it is difficult to say for sure how much the renovation work will cost and how much to save – the cost of services is calculated individually. In order to give customers a price range, each construction and renovation company has a price list available online – after reading the price list, you will understand what budget to focus on.

Price List for Renovation Services 2022 – How Much Does It Cost to Finish a House or Apartment

The general rise in prices was also reflected in the market of finishing materials; the cost of repairs increased; in particular, you will have to pay 5-10% more for finishing an apartment in a high-rise building. The cost of finishing works in 2022 varies from PLN 1000 to 1600 per sq. metre; the site provides indicative prices, which may vary depending on the condition of the surfaces; we will announce more exact figures after going to the site.

In the case of an overhaul, complex finishing of cottages or apartments in the developer’s standard, the price is calculated for the entire order. The price tag includes the cost of materials and remuneration; the cost of finishing bathrooms is determined based on the entire order or the project.

Renovation Service Price List – Wall Finishing

In addition to the cost of materials and payment for painting work, the cost of wall finishing is affected by the volume and complexity of preparing work surfaces. Preparatory work includes cleaning, levelling, filling voids, puttying and patching defects and cracks; for materials prone to dampness, a primer will also be required.

Prices for surface preparation depend on the scope and complexity of the work; untouched walls are easier to finish than walls with layers of old coatings. For example, the cost of dismantling plaster is calculated based on PLN 25/sq. metre; removing old wallpaper is slightly cheaper – from PLN 25/sq. metre, the highest prices are for splitting tiles. In extreme cases, you can personally clean the walls from the remnants of wallpaper, it is more difficult to dismantle other types of coatings on your own.

Prices for painting work depend on the properties of the material and application technique; one of the most accessible surface finishing methods is water-based paint (from PLN 12/sq. metre). Before painting, the walls must be made perfectly smooth by laying drywall; surface levelling prices in 2022 are as follows:

  • drywall setting to the walls – from PLN 50 per sq. m. meter;
  • installation of plasterboard structures on the frame – from PLN 60;
  • puttying and grouting – from PLN 25 and 15, respectively.

Inexpensive surface finishing methods also include gypsum plastering (from PLN 30/sq. meter) and wallpapering (from PLN 35/sq. meter); tiling is almost three times more expensive – from PLN 100/sq. meter; laying out tile patterns increases the cost of finishing. Decorative stone (from 150 PLN/sq. meter) and the use of artistic techniques in decoration, such as painting walls, laying out mosaics, etc. are relatively expensive.

Renovation Service Price List – Floor Renovation

Laying the floor begins with dismantling the old coating (from PLN 20–25/sq. meter), the installation of a self-levelling floor screed (from PLN 30/sq. meter); kitchens, bathrooms and basements, are primed and waterproofed to protect against moisture. If the coating is laid on a concrete base, it may be necessary to level the working surface with cement mortar and grout the joints. Prices for the installation of floor coverings depend on the properties of the material, the need for special tools, technology and installation method:

  • the most affordable coverings are carpet and linoleum (from PLN 20/sq. meter);
  • laying laminate flooring (from PLN 25/sq. meter) is cheaper than parquet (from PLN 30/sq. meter);
  • adhesive installation of combined coatings is more expensive than the interlocking of lamellas;
  • the direct way of laying parquet is cheaper than herringbone.

Add another PLN 15/sq. meter for skirting boards, and for wooden floors – PLN 80/sq. meter for sanding and protective varnishing – and get the approximate cost of the service. The advantages of professional floor laying are obvious – if the floor installation technologies are observed, you will not encounter such problems as mould growth, rotting and warping of boards, creaking and loosening of floorboards; The coating will last a long time and will not lose its sight!

Price List of Renovation Services – Bathroom Finishing

Finishing the bathroom is one of the main cost items in the renovation budget, as there is a need to protect the coatings from moisture. The main works include wall and floor cladding, waterproofing, ceiling plastering, and installing or replacing plumbing. Each type of work is preceded by thorough preparation; for example, the replacement of cladding material is carried out in three stages:

  • splitting old tiles – from PLN 25/sq. meter;
  • levelling of surfaces – from PLN 30/sq. meter;
  • wall and floor cladding – from PLN 100/sq. meter.

During the overhaul, plumbing equipment, plumbing fittings, heating appliances and water and sewer points are replaced, sometimes, the redevelopment of the premises and the reconstruction of pipelines are carried out. Worn-out devices and utility lines are dismantled, and new equipment is installed instead; for reference, here are approximate prices for installation and dismantling work in the bathroom:

  • dismantling of a bathtub, washbasin, shower cabin – from PLN 40;
  • dismantling of a water and sewer point – from PLN 80;
  • installation of a water and sewer point and a heating point – from PLN 200 each;
  • installation of a wall hung toilet – from PLN 250;
  • sink installation – from PLN 80;
  • installation of a shower box and tray – from PLN 300 and PLN 150, respectively;
  • installation of a bath – from PLN 150;
  • faucet installation – from PLN 50 (standard method) and PLN 500 (concealed method);
  • installation of a radiator – from PLN 120.

Renovation Price List – Electrics

The cost of electrical installation services is calculated based on the prices for one point – from PLN 60 for installation and from PLN 30 for dismantling; wall chasing for wiring is paid additionally at the rate of PLN 40 per linear meter. There are separate prices for connecting electrical equipment: for example, installation of a socket or switch costs from PLN 15, installation of a lamp costs from PLN 40; to locate input-distribution devices, a switchboard is equipped (from PLN 60 per module).

Price List of Additional Renovation Work

Arrangement of utility lines, finishing, electrical installation and installation of plumbing is far from a complete list of repair work performed by the Euromed-Bud company. You can replace door frame profiles and windows with window sills, paint doors, pipes and radiators, install a stretch ceiling, and carry out other auxiliary work at an affordable price – we will complete any task quickly, accurately and efficiently!

What Determines the Cost of Renovation Services?

Expert advice and a preliminary estimate are a good help when planning a renovation but be prepared that the budget will have to be adjusted. On the official website, the construction and renovation company places the price list for informational purposes, and the final amount is determined at the stage of agreeing on the estimate when all factors affecting pricing are taken into account:

  • region – prices in different cities and voivodeships vary sharply; the highest prices for renovation services in Warsaw, Tricity and large agglomerations of Silesia, Mazovia, and Tricity;
  • level of service – depending on the class of materials and the scope of services, renovation is classified into different price segments – from economy class to premium category;
  • characteristics of the object – the cost of renovation is affected not only by the footage but also by dimensions, number of storeys, location (apartment or a separate house), architectural style and complexity of planning;
  • personalization –designer renovation according to a special project is more expensive than typical architectural and planning solutions;
  • terms of work performance – urgent or emergency renovation usually costs more than the planned ones;
  • reputation of the contractor. The prices of reputable companies are higher than those of small and start-up contractors, but a large organization is better resourced and provides guarantees for all types of services.

Euromed-Bud is one of the most democratic and competent contractors in Warsaw; by contacting us, you can count on the best price and qualified service. A technical justification is provided for each cost item – working with us, you know exactly what you are paying for, and you get a result that does not deceive your expectations!