Interior design

The house is not just a roof over your head, but also a place of power, space for self-expression and a source of inspiration; convenience and functionality are self-evident. Now it is important for people how their house will look, what emotions and thoughts it evokes, therefore, Warsaw makes high demands on such a service as interior design – customers want fresh ideas and innovation, but do not want to overpay. The Euromed-Bud company is ready to accept an ambitious challenge – we offer inexpensive last-minute trips to a beautiful life!

What is interior design?

Interior design is the art of creating an aesthetic and comfortable space that requires versatile knowledge and skills. Working on a project, the designer thinks over the layout and zoning of the premises, arranges the utility lines, selects materials, colours and textures, thinks over the arrangement of furniture, equipment and accessories, taking into account ergonomics and personal tastes of the client.

How can an interior designer help you?

Turning to a design studio, the client usually has their own vision of the interior, but cannot always accurately formulate their preferences due to a lack of knowledge and experience, not to mention bringing them to life and not experiencing disappointment. Design is a thoughtful combination of details that creates harmony in the interior, and the focus is not on the objects themselves, but on their interaction and behaviour in a particular setting.

It is difficult for a non-specialist to take into account all the details and choose harmonious combinations of shapes, shades and textures; even if the sketch is carried out flawlessly, in reality, the interior may look not like you imagined. It is necessary to confidently navigate the properties of roughing and finishing materials in order to understand how they will fit into the atmosphere of the house and family life.

A professional designer thoroughly studies all the technical nuances and ties the design project to the object: the proposed solutions are based on the characteristics of the room. In addition, designers are well aware of the furniture and building materials market and can suggest cheaper and more practical options for finishing and furnishing.

We design interiors with feeling

Interior design is not limited to technology and regulations; it is impossible to create beauty and comfort without a spark of inspiration and enthusiasm. The Euromed-Bud company is a team of talented professionals who are passionate about their work; we do not process orders, but we create magic! We are not newcomers to the market, Warsaw has already appreciated the conceptual interior design, which is confirmed by a solid portfolio with recommendations and thanks.

Our forte is original author’s projects, which we develop individually, taking into account the personal wishes and preferences, lifestyle, worldview and hobbies of the customer. When designing commercial facilities, we organize an effective workspace, reflecting the mission, values and corporate culture of the company in the interior. A unique and sophisticated corporate identity will become a reliable assistant in business: management and marketing will speak the language of sensations, captivating customers and motivating staff!

We pay attention to detail in our arrangements

In negotiations with the customer, we are open and transparent: the terms of the transaction are discussed in detail, and in the wording of the contract there is no place for omissions that give rise to misunderstandings and conflicts. We also describe in detail the project estimate and provide a rationale for each cost item; hidden surcharges and mark-ups is not our style.

Why choose a project in Euromed-Bud?

Euromed-Bud is a licensed contractor with permits for all types of construction and renovation work; our employees have received specialized education and constantly improve their skills. We are able not only to fantasize but also to make dreams come true with high quality, meet deadlines and comply with obligations, understand the circumstances of the client and not create unnecessary inconvenience:

  • we adapt to your schedule, ready to work after hours;
  • we work quietly, quickly and accurately, we clean up after ourselves and take out the garbage;
  • we buy building materials at preferential prices and reduce costs to the maximum;
  • we comply with all norms and regulations – no problems with supervisory authorities;
  • comments and suggestions are welcome – we are open to non-standard ideas and reasonable compromises!

What do you get when ordering a project from an interior designer?

Turning to us, you will get not only a stylish and functional interior but also a profitable investment – designer renovation increases the value of the real estate. A professional approach to interior design will spare you the trouble and leave a pleasant impression of cooperation:

You are actively involved in the creative process – we offer several design options, but the last word is yours!

The result is as expected – 3D visualizations are extremely realistic and specific in detail.

Saving time and effort: it will be easier to maintain cleanliness and order in the apartment, and things will quickly go smoothly in the office.

No delay – registration of all permits and approval of the project by the authorities at our expense.

Guarantee for all types of work – we are responsible for what we do!

Project stages

Interior design is a complex multi-stage process; each link in the chain is important for the final result and the implementation of the tasks set. The design project is being developed in stages; in the working process, it is customary to distinguish six key stages with separate deadlines and reporting:

  • collection of information about the object – taking measurements, studying the general plan and utility lines;
  • formation of terms of reference;
  • preparation of a preliminary design, approval of the interior concept;
  • preparation and approval of the estimate;
  • development of project documentation (drawings, plans, specifications, 3D models).
  • 3D visualization of the finished project.

Turnkey interior design

It is not so easy for business people to find time to organize renovation; it is much easier and more convenient to order a turnkey interior design from Euromed-Bud. We have been acting as a general contractor for several years: we purchase materials and equipment, hire workers, carry out architectural supervision over the implementation of the project, control the timing and quality of work – and we are doing a good job, judging by the reviews!

How much does interior design cost?

Prices for interior design vary from object to object, the average check does not say anything – there are too many tasks, a different scope of work and different customer requests. The cost of the design project is calculated individually; to find out what budget to focus on, consult with the duty manager – it’s free and does not oblige you to anything!

Warsaw is ready to pay for high-quality interior design, knowing that the costs will pay off pretty quickly, but we do not abuse trust and try to complete the project close to the minimum amount. If you are planning a renovation and want to order an author’s interior design at an affordable price, contact us and we will discuss options!