Buying a house is the beginning of a new life stage, and the easiest way to start a new life is to redecorate the housing. Conceptual house interior design will reflect your lifestyle, values and tastes, and if the creative team of Euromed-Bud gets down to business, your family boat will never smash against the daily grind! A well-maintained living space balances the interests and needs of family members, improves mutual understanding and prevents conflicts. When comfort, peace and tranquillity reign in the house, the soul becomes light and joyful.

Why Do You Need to Order a House Design Project?

Arranging a family nest becomes a matter of personal prestige and self-determination, but still, you should not design on your own if photos from glossy magazines are the only source of inspiration. The pursuit of external effects without taking into account the specifics of the facility brings dissonance into the decor and limits the functionality of the interior. The most successful projects are developed individually and tied to the characteristics of the room. In this case, the space is used most efficiently, and the ambience in the house becomes relaxed and comfortable.

Professional house interior design is a balance of aesthetics and ergonomics through the rational use of space, colour and textures. In order for the room to show its best side, joint efforts of specialists of different profiles are required: creative expressions of designers should be based on a powerful technological foundation, and engineering support should organically fit into the decor. By contacting Euromed-Bud, you can count on qualified assistance in interior design: we will take into account all your wishes and make your dream come true!

How is the Interior Design of a Residential Apartment?

Interior design begins with setting a technical task: during a preliminary consultation, you tell us your vision of the future interior, and we ask leading questions to better understand your expectations and needs. Then an inspection of the premises is carried out: a representative of the contractor takes measurements of the premises, studies the project documentation and analyses the state of communications, outlining the scope of work and the timing of the project.

Based on the results of the inspection of the premises, the cost of the design project and the amount of work in case of renovation are calculated; if the customer accepts the terms of cooperation, a construction service contract is concluded. Interior design begins with the approval of the general concept and layout of housing, after which private solutions, such as the arrangement of utility lines, wiring, lighting design and placement of lamps, decoration, furniture, and decorб are worked out.

House Interior Design Cost

The house interior design cost is influenced by a variety of factors, such as the area of the building, the condition of the object, and the complexity and scope of work. The price is calculated at fixed rates per square meter; the larger the area is, the more pleasant the tariff rate is.

The region of your residence also matters. The closer to the capital you live, the more expensive the services of designers are. For a complex project, you will have to pay from PLN 200 per sq. m with architectural supervision.

How is the Design Project Cost Calculated?

Before being horrified by the prices for interior design in the metropolitan area, use the free preliminary estimate service: perhaps not everything is so sad. Add 10-15% of the estimated amount to the cost of the initial estimate, taking into account price adjustments and contingencies, and you will get a rough idea of the project budget. At the same time, do not forget about the wide optimization possibilities that Euromed-Bud offers. We will show you how to reduce the renovation costs without compromising the quality of service and without changing the concept of the interior.

  • The surest way to reduce the renovation costs is not to overpay: thanks to established contacts with suppliers, we will select budget analogues of expensive building materials and furniture and arrange direct deliveries at favourable prices.
  • Don’t try to keep up with fashion and choose time-tested solutions. The hype around trendy materials and technologies contributes to overpricing.
  • If possible, abandon complex shaped structures in favour of simple geometric shapes.
  • Avoid additional services for a fee. All faults should be taken into account during the facility inspection.
  • Pay only for the necessary services and demand justification of the estimate, then you won’t face the mark-ups and hidden surcharges. With Euromed-Bud, you should not be afraid of a dirty trick: when calculating the estimate, we justify each cost item and do not abuse the trust of customers.

What is Required to Design a House?

Professional interior design services are available at the first click – just leave a request on the company’s website and wait for a call-back. You won’t have to wait long – within half an hour you will receive answers to pressing questions and a preliminary calculation of the house design cost. Do you want to discuss the details of cooperation, offer an original idea or appoint a time for the visit of the measurer? We will be happy to talk with you at the consultation!

Our conversation will be especially exciting and fruitful if you decide in advance on your wishes regarding the timing and budget and think over the functionality and style of the premises. It’s great if you collect a pack of photos with examples of interiors that inspire you. In this case, it would be much easier to understand each other and avoid numerous edits and improvements. For the correct setting of tasks, we will offer you to go through a short interview and clarify some items that are important for interior design:

  • family composition and presence of pets;
  • interests, habits and hobbies of the family members;
  • preferences for colours, materials and styles of interior design;
  • attitude to household chores – how much time are you willing to devote to taking care of the house;
  • a list of things that you would like to keep in the redecorated interior;
  • estimated renovation budget.

Main Stages of Design Project Development

The design project of the apartment is developed in several stages: first, you need to decide on the general concept, style and atmosphere of the room. The customer is offered a choice of several options for planning and interior design in draft sketches; after the approval of the sketch, private details are worked out:

  • functional zoning of space;
  • arrangement of engineering networks and lighting;
  • placement of sockets, switches and lamps;
  • ways of finishing, lighting design and colours of the premises;
  • textile design, arrangement of furniture and accessories.

Detailed 3D visualization of the interior forms a comprehensive picture of the appearance of housing after the renovation; at the request of the client, amendments and adjustments are made to the digital model. As soon as the customer gives the go-ahead, we start developing technical documentation, which serves as a guide to action for the installation teams. The standard package of documents includes drawings, specifications, wall developments, surface profiles and sections of coatings, as well as the final cost estimate with the justification of costs.

What does the Design of a Private House Include?

The design of a cottage provides more freedom of action than the design of apartments, but there will be significantly more trouble: to create a harmonious ensemble, it is important to take into account not only the interior but also the exterior of the building. Interior design should be combined with the architecture of the house and exterior decoration; facade work may have to be included in the cost of the project.

The design of cottages is inseparable from landscape design: the house must organically fit into the panorama of the plot and form a single whole with the surrounding landscape. When developing a project, the functional connections of the house with auxiliary buildings such as a garage, gazebos, patios, a barbecue area, etc. are calculated. Or maybe you have long wanted to arrange a winter garden, an art workshop in the attic, equip a gym, a swimming pool or a playground for children – we will help your dreams come true!

Another nuance is the approval of the project by the technical supervision authorities: special permits may be required to lead up communications and modernize life support systems. We will take care of the preparation of the necessary documents and the distribution of notifications – you will surely have more important things to do than go to the authorities.

Advantages of the Service in the Company

By entrusting the house furnishing to Euromed-Bud, you can relax and breathe a sigh of relief: your house is under reliable supervision! After working with us, you will change your attitude toward the renovation: the exciting experience of creating your little universe will give you a lot of vivid impressions and positive emotions, and specialists will take care of technical issues. We offer not only professional design and renovation services, but also first-class service focused on protecting the interests of the client and comfortable conditions for cooperation:

  • the best value for money – democratic tariffs and interesting proposals for optimizing the project;
  • only practical solutions – we create real cosiness, not pictures for a portfolio;
  • saving time – applications on the site are processed 30% faster than the market average;
  • personalized approach instead of stereotyped techniques – the interior adapts to the person, and not vice versa;
  • transparent pricing and openness in communication – no decision is made without the consent of the client;
  • guarantee for all services – we are responsible for the result!

Our advantages can be listed for a long time – all contractors advertise themselves in the same way: competent employees, high-tech equipment, permits and licenses for all types of work – all this has long become commonplace. We prefer actions to words: look at the photos with examples of completed projects and make your own opinion about our qualifications, achievements and capabilities.

Order House Design in Warsaw

The easiest way to use the services of interior design in Warsaw and its suburbs is through the feedback form on the website: all that is required of you is to leave a request, and the rest is our concern. You can also call a consultant by phone, or send an e-mail or a message via an instant messenger – we are available through all communication channels and are open to a wide variety of offers. You will win if you entrust us not only with interior design but also with the implementation of the project – Euromed-Bud makes every project perfect!

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