Major house renovation

Even the strongest house, built “for centuries”, sometimes needs to be updated: structural elements fail, equipment wears out, layout and interiors become obsolete and do not satisfy the needs of the owners. To restore the functionality of housing, you have to start a major overhaul, but do not rush to throw all your plans and savings on the altar of improvement – a conscientious contractor will take care of everything. Euromed-bud, a well-deserved repair expert in Warsaw, will renovate your home quickly, inexpensively and with high quality: you can rely on professionals!

Major overhaul – concepts and stages

A major overhaul is commonly understood as a complex of repair and construction works and organizational and technical measures to eliminate physical and moral deterioration. The overhaul of the house does not extend the service life of the building, but it provides comfort and safe operation of housing. If necessary, structural elements and engineering systems are replaced, reconstructed and modernized, but the design characteristics and functional purpose of the building remain unchanged.

Indicative plan

In order to avoid unnecessary expenses and delays, it is necessary to follow the correct sequence of work during the overhaul. The plan of restoration measures is drawn up by the general contractor based on the results of the inspection of the facility; when performing a turnkey overhaul, a full cycle of work is performed:

  • project development and approval;
  • preparation and approval of the estimate;
  • reconstruction and replacement of communications;
  • replacement of double-glazed windows and doors;
  • roofing and facade works;
  • repair of wiring and distribution of electrical networks;
  • mounting lighting fixtures;
  • installation and connection of plumbing;
  • kitchen renovation and installation of kitchen equipment;
  • furnishing of residential premises;
  • arrangement of furniture and decor;
  • Cleaning and removal of construction debris.

At the end of the repair, an acceptance certificate is issued, which confirms the right to warranty service and is certified by the signatures of both parties. By agreement, it is possible to carry out additional work, which are paid separately; we welcome creative initiative and find effective ways to implement original ideas.

Major overhaul of the premises – assessment of the object

Restoring old buildings requires a substantial investment; Before undertaking a major home renovation, you should make sure that the project is profitable. If load-bearing walls are damaged, repair costs approach the cost of building a new house, therefore, there is no point in restoring the building. Therefore, before starting work, a comprehensive inspection of the facility is carried out – an assessment of the condition of the external and internal structural elements with communications and engineering equipment.

Internal inspection work includes:

Comfortable living in the private sector depends on the state of life support systems – electricity, heating, plumbing and sewerage. The plan for the internal inspection of buildings includes the inspection of engineering networks and equipment for safety, energy efficiency and ergonomics:

  • inspection of wiring and electrical appliances;
  • control of heating, plumbing and sewerage;
  • checking plumbing fixtures;
  • Water quality research

When planning a major overhaul, it is important to correctly calculate the service life of networks and select equipment with a maximum service life under given conditions. To reduce housing maintenance costs, options for the reconstruction and modernization of dilapidated communications in old houses are being discussed.

Powerful pantographs are connected to separate lines – this will prevent network overload and short circuits when using household appliances. It is convenient to combine wall chasing when repairing wiring with replacing thermal insulation, installing vapor barriers and leveling surfaces.

When surveying communications, ways of integrating resource-saving technologies are also considered in order to reduce utility bills and save energy. Equipping water supply networks with modern water treatment systems extends the life of water heating installations and prevents pipe blockages. Installing faucets with aerators and an eco-jet reduces water consumption, and anti-flood systems are installed in the bathroom and kitchen.

The installation of energy-efficient climate control equipment reduces the need for energy resources and improves the atmosphere in the room, and the introduction of smart technologies allows you to control your home from a distance. Individual heating systems are equipped with thermostats – automatic weather-dependent regulation reduces energy consumption by 30-40%. Worn-out heating equipment is replaced with modern economical models, and instead of cast-iron batteries, bimetallic radiators with greater heat dissipation are installed.

External – external inspection works include:

The scope of outdoor work depends on the bearing capacity of the walls, roof and foundation; the tightness of the structures, which provides thermal insulation, moisture resistance and sound insulation of the building, is also taken into account. The protocols of external inspection work include data on the state of the main structural elements that form the building frame:

  • examination of the roof, attic and ceilings;
  • search for cracks and leaks in walls;
  • evaluation of the tightness of window and door units;
  • revision of the ventilation and microclimate system;
  • control of hydro, heat and sound insulation;
  • examination of the foundation, plinth and cellars.

Moving and demolishing partitions, adding window and door openings can lead to a change in the stability of structures. If redevelopment of housing is planned, during the inspection it turns out how the reorganization of space will affect the safety of the building; Load balancing may require additional jumpers.

If heat leaks are detected, the overhaul plan includes replacement of floors, additional insulation and improvement of hydro vapor barrier; installation of the “warm floor” system and laying of some types of coatings require the preparation of a screed. At the same time, the ventilation system is being rebuilt – to maintain a healthy microclimate in sealed rooms, there is a need to install a supply valve or fan.

Major overhaul of premises – project preparation

Project documentation defines the methods for performing capital works and serves as a justification for the proposed technical solutions. When designing, the need for building materials, labor resources, machines and mechanisms is calculated, the volume, timing and cost of repairs are established; Based on the project, a work schedule is drawn up that ensures the rational use of time and resources. To simplify the setting of tasks, we offer customers to fill out a brief on the website – this will help to set priorities correctly and take into account all wishes.

Overhaul in construction – a view from the side of the law

If it is planned to reconstruct a building with a change in facades, load-bearing walls and engineering networks, the project is sent for approval to the supervisory authorities; appropriate changes are made to the registration certificate of housing. Unapproved rebuilding makes it harder to sell a home: the appraised value is reduced by 5-10%, and the homeowner is forced to pay a fine and restore the original state of the structures.

It is prohibited by law in Poland:

The issuance of a permit for major repairs with reconstruction and redevelopment depends on compliance with technological standards and the safety of housing. In Poland, it is forbidden to carry out actions that worsen the strength of the basic structures and violate industry hygiene standards:

  • expanding the area of bathrooms at the expense of living quarters;
  • combining balconies and loggias with rooms;
  • placing radiators on balconies;
  • dismantling, moving and closing ventilation ducts;
  • violation of the soundproofing of the walls.

The law allows:

If the safety of the reconstruction depends on the execution technique, the repair project must be agreed with the technical supervision authorities. Certain categories of work affecting facades, load-bearing walls and ceilings are allowed after the issuance of an official permit:

  • transfer or change the area of openings;
  • installation of new windows and doors;
  • arrangement of the attic, conversion of a non-residential attic into a residential one;
  • rebuilding the stairs and completing the outer steps;
  • increasing the area of the room due to the corridor or pantry;
  • transferring or changing the area of the kitchen;
  • new gas line connections;
  • insulation of facades in houses above 12 meters;

For redevelopment of housing without manipulation of the basic structures, it is not required to obtain special permission, but in some cases it is necessary to notify the regulatory authorities. Notification is required for works that change the operational characteristics of the premises, exterior parts of the building and adjacent areas:

  • repair and replacement of roofing materials;
  • installing a skylight;
  • repair of foundation waterproofing;
  • replacing a fireplace with a chimney;
  • installation of a fence over 2.2 meters high from the side of the street.

Major housing repairs – estimates and contractors

Approval of the estimate is one of the main stumbling blocks: the desire of customers to save money is understandable, but you should save money knowingly. Euromed-bud optimizes the cost of home renovation without negative consequences: we rely on direct supplies of building materials and time-tested solutions; Huge discounts are available for bulk purchases. Turnkey overhaul is also cheaper: when the entire cycle of work is performed by one organization, the amount of commissions is minimal.

Work order

Capital work is carried out in a strict sequence: from external work to internal work, and from rough finishing to fine work. Many homeowners rely on themselves and do not consider it necessary to involve specialists, but one should not overestimate their skills. Correcting the mistakes of an unlucky master will be more expensive than a major overhaul of a turnkey house.

What kind of work can you do yourself

Non-specialists are allowed to perform work that does not require specialized education and special tools, and the risk of injury is minimal. If you want to reduce the cost of overhaul – take on the work that you can confidently handle during the current or cosmetic repairs:

  • punching strobe for electrical wiring;
  • laying cables, mounting sockets and switches;
  • setting light sources;
  • laying pipes and connecting plumbing fixtures;
  • alignment of walls and screeds;
  • restoration and replacement of roofing and floor coverings;
  • plastering and painting and wallpapering;
  • wall insulation in low-rise buildings.

Works that only specialized bodies are allowed to do

Hazardous work is performed by licensed contractors, and workers in maintenance teams must have clearances confirming their qualifications. Also, the law does not allow independent connection of a private house to the main networks; therefore, invited experts are also responsible for summarizing communications:

  • connection to the central power grid;
  • tie-in to central heating networks and VC;
  • sealing of metering devices;
  • installation of gas and furnace equipment.

Capital construction and repair – to do or not?

It is not easy to decide on a major overhaul of a house, and the legislation does not oblige planned restoration work in the private sector. The decision to carry out a major overhaul is made by the owners on their own, based on their own needs, the condition of the basic structures and the degree of deterioration of communications. As a rule, a major overhaul does not increase the cost of housing, but it simplifies life and reduces operating costs, and in the case of a sale of real estate, it will speed up the search for a buyer.

Overhaul services in Poland

Professionalism, efficiency and transparent pricing are the main criteria for choosing a contractor for capital works in the private sector. By choosing Euromed-bud, you will be satisfied with the quality and availability of the service: we will immediately tell you how much it costs to repair a house and justify each expense item, so you don’t have to be afraid of additional payments and hidden fees – this is not our part. Order a turnkey repair of a townhouse or country house from us and appreciate the benefits of an integrated approach to the organization of capital works:

  • compliance with all technological standards;
  • help in optimizing the estimate;
  • permanent contact with the customer;
  • preferential supplies of building materials;
  • overtime opportunity;
  • minimizing noise and inconvenience;
  • Guarantees for all types of services.


Investments in major repairs will quickly pay off if you rely on the experience of professionals and established relationships with suppliers of quality building materials. A certified contractor will ensure compliance with building codes and offer sound design solutions that have stood the test of time. If you have already made up your mind, feel free to leave a request on the Euromed-bud website, and the duty manager will contact you soon to discuss the details of the repair and draw up a contract.

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Major house renovation
Major house renovation
Major house renovation
Major house renovation in Warsaw
Major house renovation in Warsaw
Major house renovation in Warsaw


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