An apartment as large as 100 m² is a pleasure for the owner. Here you can finally put everything in its place and make a beautiful, durable and functional renovation. Such a space allows to unleash the most daring design ideas, so who would go for anything average and usual? However, at some point, the owner may stuck facing a large-scale work raising doubts that it would be a positive experience.

In this article, we are going to cover How Make the Most Daring Ideas a Reality and How Much You Have to Spend on It.

How to repair an apartment of 100 m²

Such a complex question requires a complex answer. The first step to make your journey easier down the road is the good project. It implies not only amazing sketches, but also the arrangement of furniture, wiring, electricity hubs and other design elements that may seem intimidating for an average person who never had experience of digging into such details.

An experienced designer knows that sockets in the bathroom are necessary, as well as where to place them and what they function for. He knows about a walk-through switcher, which will shortcut your way between two distant rooms to turn the light off or on. Moreover, he apply the theory in practice and able to bring up the most innovative solutions.

When you have agreed upon the final look, you need to figure out what type of repair you will go for. The cost of repairing an apartment of 100m2 will depend not only on the materials, but also on the set of works required. For example, if you only need a retouch to refresh the room, then the price will differ from the one in case of a turnkey total repair. Budget must contain the buffer if you want to replace communications, move walls or do other large-scale work. We are going to reveal more about the cost, particular sets of work in each case and how choose the best option for you.

The specifics of repairing an apartment of 100 m²

The main concern for such a space is the timeline to implement all ideas. The very activities look pretty much the same as in case of any other apartment no matter what size it has. The positive side of the repair in an apartment of 100 squares is room for ideas and effortless arrangement of furniture and appliances. If your apartment has conventional or half-conventional architectural plan, it will save you from playing Tetris trying to put everything in its place.

The rooms with intricate shapes will make the designer sweat over them, but he will cope with that. Moving walls is a great solution to improve the functionality.

Types of renovation in a large apartment

Repair in a large apartment is pretty much the same as in a small one. The only difference is the timeline and the budget. The set of repair works differentiates according to the complexity of the renovation:

  1. A retouch. The fastest, easiest and most budgeting option to make minor changes or refresh. This implies wallpapering or repainting, replacing switches, sockets and fixtures, floor and ceiling works. It is relatively clean and be carried out while the owners are indoors.
  2. A makeover renovation is what you may want to go for if a retouch doesn’t work anymore as the wiring, plumbing or the wall finish are out of service. It takes more time, more effort and require professional skills for a high-quality outcome. What is the set of works for it we are going to cover soon, since there are a lot of details to reveal.
  3. A turnkey full repair is the best option. An idea, vision of the outcome, and owning the estimates is all what it takes from your side. We take care of everything else, as soon as the keys to your property fall into our hands and until the moment we hand them back to you. Just imagine the repairs without a persistent monitoring and emergencies that require an immediate solution.

If you think that the above exists only in the advertising of construction companies, we suggest you to contact us and experience it in reality. We in Euromed-Bud made it real as our professional team knows how to coordinate work and share or delegate tasks effectively.

Renovation of an apartment of 100 m²: DIY or requesting an expert?

Any repair requires professional skills if you are pursuing a quality result without bubbles and cracked coating on the walls, creaky floor and leaky plumbing after improper installation. If you have limited budget, then you may want to handle yourself what does not require skills leaving the rest to professionals. Most often, such work includes levelling surfaces, screeding, and wiring. It is better to save on materials, but lay down the appropriate base, than waste materials (e.g. tiles) because it will not sit on properly or it will go out of service soon.

Makeover repair of an apartment of 100 m² includes

Makeover repair is one of the most effort-consuming options. In addition, all the works, it comes with prior dismantling of existing coatings, communications, etc. It’s much more challenging than just repainting the walls and changing laminate finish it’s a very large scale job that requires good preparation.

The apartment renovation include:

  1. Dismantling. No matter how simple it may seem at the beginning, but this stage is very time-consuming. The after cleaning to remove construction litter makes it even longer. The old floor, wall and ceiling finishes are removed at this stage. This stage is the dustiest.
  2. Wiring and drainage, which implies plumbing and electricity net.
  3. Alignment of surfaces on the wall and ceiling. This one you can rarely skip, especially for a secondary renovation. It matters for the quality of a finish, its look and service in the future.
  4. Re-screeding the floor. It influences the durability of the finish, and the comfort of its use, as well as the smooth layering of the laminate.
  5. Installation of a contemporary electrical panel if you still do not have it. This item is mandatory and has to do with safety.
  6. Floor waterproofing and installation of toilets, faucets, sinks.
  7. Moving walls, if needed.

The above steps do not have a strict order, and in some cases, they are not on the list.

After a brief and assessment of your apartment, we can provide you detailed list of works in your very case.

The cost of repairing an apartment of 100 m², an estimation

We provide an estimation of the cost of repairing at your apartment of 100 m², as soon as we assess the scope of work. Giving exact figures requires precise assessment, which is simple for us. Many of our clients find it difficult because the repair includes many submerged tasks, which an average person cannot envision. However, Euromed-Bud has been gaining an extended experience on the construction market improving knowledge and skills to be able to provide quick customized solutions, while maintaining a high level of quality.

The cost of work and materials

You can learn about the packages of service with a detailed description of works included on our website. The Standard package costs of PLN 799/m². Thus, the minimum to spend on the repairs of a 100 m² apartment is PLN 79,900. The price for the Standard+ package starts from PLN 999/m², while for the Premium package – from PLN 1399/m².

The cost of materials will depend on your own choice and design. We are always happy to advise our customers the best suppliers, so that you pay not only for a brand, but also for the quality.

The cost of repairing an apartment of 100 m², a quick assessment in our company

We at Euromed-Bud is ready to provide an estimation of the works for repairing an apartment of 100 m² after your request at the website and a brief. Note that it is only a ballpark, following by accurate figures and the contract. We guarantee that the price do not change later, complying with what has been laid down into the original contract.


While planning repairs in such a large apartment, get into all the details regardless its size. As you know, space is always in demand. However, there are elements of furniture or appliances that have not found their permanent place. However, you can avoid those issues with proper planning. That is why we recommend request professional designer services and include it in the budget from the very beginning for a quality project. You will definitely use it in the future to retouch. The electricity wiring in the project will certainly help you avoid short circuits and dismantling the walls in search of the electricity cable. Our designers will make up a fabulous project to implement in your home. Visit us and share your ideas on the repair you want to get in a couple of weeks.

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