They say that before you get married, you must first do a renovation together. And this is a very useful recommendation to some extent because sometimes the renovation can be equated with a real disaster. However, of course, all the risks and troubles can be levelled if you approach the choice of a construction company with all responsibility. Competent craftsmen and a foreman who is always in touch and can solve a problem at any time of the day or night is a jackpot in the world of renovations. In this article, we will talk about the cost of renovating an apartment of 50 m², how to do it without harming the financial condition and nervous system, and also weigh the pros and cons regarding the independent renovation.

How to do a renovation of an apartment of 50 m²

Apartments with such an area are among the most sought-after in the real estate market. They are relatively affordable for most people looking for accommodation, and can easily accommodate a family of two or three. However, if you have long been the owner of such a space or have made a choice in favour of the secondary market, then first of all you are wondering how to do a renovation of an apartment of 50 m² without harming your family and financial capital.

First of all, we recommend contacting a competent designer who will create a project for your home. They won’t just choose a nice colour for the walls and trendy furniture fittings (you might want to skip the visualization step altogether). The most important thing is that they will be able to make the correct arrangement of all elements and utility lines. Of course, the services of a designer are additional financial costs, but they will easily pay off when you enjoy every day spent in your apartment. When all the sockets and switches are correctly located and it will be convenient, when all the space is used to the maximum and everything has a place – then you will appreciate your decision to contact the designer.

Also, before starting work, you need to decide on the type of renovation that is needed in your particular case. It can be a minor or major renovation of an apartment of 50 m². It is quite possible to assess the state on your own. If you only need minor visual enhancements, then the minor renovation will be enough. But if you want to redevelop or completely replace utility lines, then you will have to rely on a larger-scale major renovation.

The most important thing is the correct layout of zones in the apartment

The layout of the apartment is the first and most important thing you need to pay attention to when looking for a new home. Often, developers leave a free layout and the right to choose for the buyer. During construction, it will be possible to create any look for your space, depending on the technical characteristics of the room. If you choose from ready-made secondary options, then you need to understand whether the existing layout suits you and if not, whether it is possible to make your adjustments. Zoning helps to make the most of the space, especially if there is not much of it anyway. Thanks to the competent arrangement of walls and furniture, there will be no useless space in the apartment, which means that there is always a place for almost all your things.

Most often, this task falls on the shoulders of a good designer, and if you have money, then believe that such an investment will soon pay off in full. If your financial reserve does not allow you to contact a specialist, then you will have to take matters into your own hands. There are a lot of practical recommendations and even if you fail to make the perfect space, at least you can avoid typical mistakes.

One-room apartment of 50 m²

The most frequent option on the real estate market is a one-room apartment of 50 m². In such housing, you can make a good layout and there will be enough space for one person or a couple. The main requirement for such an apartment, if you are still in search, is the rooms of the correct form (square or rectangular). When developers start playing with shapes, it looks interesting from the outside, but inside it becomes very difficult to use such areas.

Two-room apartment of 50 m²

A less popular, but no less demanded option with an area of 50 m² are two-room apartments. Each room in such housing will not have too much space, but it will be able to accommodate a young family with a child or a couple who need an extra room for guests or recreation. Such apartments usually have simple layouts that allow you to do the renovation quickly and without trouble.

Studio apartment of 50 m²

Studio apartments have their advantages over classic one-room apartments. Our TOP advantages of such an apartment are as follows:

  1. An already small area is not blocked by walls, which makes the space visually larger.
  2. Everything is always at hand in the studio.
  3. In such an apartment, space is not eaten up by useless corridors.
  4. Open layout ensures good lighting.
  5. No unnecessary things and easy cleaning.
  6. If necessary, a kitchen or a hall can constantly change its area and evening gatherings with friends can become much more comfortable than in a small kitchen or in a very small living room.

Of course, this type of apartment has its drawbacks, but you always should start, based on the composition of your family and your idea of comfort.


Renovation of an apartment of 50 m² – on your own or with the help of specialists?

Renovation of an apartment of 50 m² is practically no different from the renovation of apartments with any other area. On the contrary, due to compactness and a small amount of work, everything can go much more quickly and without trouble. The biggest disadvantage is if during the renovation you want to be inside the premises without being able to move out. Then it will be difficult for you and your household to hide from the constant noise and dust in such a small apartment.

If you are still thinking about which option to choose: do-it-yourself renovation or renovation with the help of specialists, then we suggest that you first of all sensibly assess your strength and familiarize yourself with the following facts:

  1. If you have never been associated with any renovation and construction work, have absolutely no knowledge in this area and, in principle, do not even imagine any technologies for performing various construction tasks, then independent renovation is hardly a good choice.
  2. If you’re only planning on making minor changes, then of course you can try watching a couple of dozen YouTube videos and be prepared for material overruns and the chance to redo it all over again with the help of a specialist. If a major renovation is planned, then without experience and proper knowledge, you hardly should take it on yourself.
  3. There is a list of works that you should not try to do yourself, only if you are not a narrow-profile specialist in this field. You won’t be able to do these steps on your own! These include:

–   arrangement of any utility lines (especially electrics);

–   levelling of walls;

–   laying tiles;

–   pouring screed;

–   installation of new partition walls and any changes to existing walls.

  1. You often have to spend much more to redo bad independent work than if you turn to a professional right away. Therefore, independence may not always positively affect the cost of renovating an apartment of 50 m².

Major renovation of an apartment of 50 m² which includes

A major renovation of an apartment of 50 m² is usually needed by owners of secondary housing. It’s not just about repainting walls and replacing light fixtures with more modern ones. The major renovation is a more serious procedure, which includes:

  1. First of all, the dismantling of old coatings, such as floor (tiles, laminate, etc.), wall (wallpaper, paint), ceiling coatings (paint, plaster, stucco, stretch fabrics, etc.).
  2. Arranging new utility lines: replacement of water and sewerage pipes, replacement of electrical wiring.
  3. Levelling of wall and ceiling surfaces, if required. For secondary housing, this is almost always a mandatory procedure, since usually previous residents save on and neglect this stage. If you want to get a beautiful high-quality coating that will last for many years without peeling and cracking, then they must be levelled. By the way, if you plan to do the renovation yourself, at this stage you will have a lot of work. For a non-professional, it will not be difficult to make a perfectly flat surface, it will be almost impossible. This is the item that we listed in the list of works that you should not take on yourself without the appropriate experience and skills.
  4. Refilling the floor screed. This is one of the items that will provide a good base for the subsequent top coating. And it is also not recommended for non-professional performers.
  5. Installation of an electrical panel that meets modern requirements. This item is important for the safety of you and your family. It is certainly not worth neglecting fire regulations and requirements, especially if your apartment is located in an apartment high-rise building.
  6. Floor waterproofing, after which you can proceed with the installation of new plumbing (toilet, faucets, sinks, etc.).
  7. Redevelopment of space. During the major renovation, you can finally fulfil your dream and make the apartment more comfortable than before. This becomes especially true when a baby comes along and now needs a separate room instead of an open space without much zoning.

Of course, this is only an approximate list of works that may be included in the major renovation. It can be more extensive or, on the contrary, more modest, depending on the initial state of your home and your requirements for the final result.

The cost of renovating an apartment of 50 m² – an approximate calculation

If you turn to our Euromed-Bud company, we can make an approximate calculation based on your area, wishes and the initial state of your facility. A preliminary calculation, of course, cannot be 100% accurate, but if you want to become our client, before signing the contract, we will make a more detailed estimate, indicating all materials and types of work. We guarantee that the signed initial estimate will not differ from the final one after completing all the stages. We do not engage in such fraud, as it is in our interests to maintain an excellent reputation, satisfy you with the finished project and leave a good impression for you to tell your friends and loved ones about us.

Renovation of an apartment of 50 m², the cost of work and materials

We offer different packages of services, which indicate the cost of renovating an apartment of 50 m² per square meter. Packages differ in content and the number of services that are provided at no additional charge. In the “Standard” package, the cost of one square meter starts from PLN 799, in the “Standard+”, package it starts from PLN 999, in the “Premium” package, it starts from PLN 1399. Accordingly, the cost of renovating an apartment of

50 m² will approximately be from PLN 39,950/PLN 49,950/PLN 69,950, depending on the package chosen. More information about the services that are included in the list of each of them can be on page “Price“.

Of course, the total cost of the renovation will depend not only on our services but also on the materials that you prefer. We will recommend manufacturers in which we are confident. There are such manufacturers both in the budget and in the more expensive segment.

The cost of renovating an apartment of 50 m² – a quick assessment at our company

Turning to Euromed-Bud, you can be sure not only of the quality but also of the good speed of the renovation work. It will be possible to make sure of this at the stage of calculations. We guarantee a fast and, most importantly, accurate cost estimate. In most cases, after visiting your facility, we can provide an estimate the next day or within the next few days. After that, it will be possible to change it depending on your wishes and budget.


Renovating the apartment, you can face a lot of problems and unpleasant surprises. In order to minimize bad mood and make sure that in the future you will always associate the renovation with pleasant chores and great happiness from the final work, come to our office and our managers will be happy to help you calculate the cost of your project.

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