The main rule of any successful business is to follow the correct sequence of actions. To understand how to renovate the space faster and with the least loss, you need to do the apartment renovation step by step. We will talk about which strategy to choose later in this article.

Which room to start renovating with?

If your renovation is not limited to one room, then you definitely need to weigh the pros and cons in choosing a place to start from. There are no specific requirements from state authorities, so you can choose at your discretion. However, it will be most convenient to start from the farthest room in the apartment. Why? In this way, building dirt will not spread through already completed rooms and new flooring will not be trampled on by dirty shoes. Moving from the end of the apartment to the exit, you can make life easier for yourself when it comes to general cleaning.

Residents will also influence which room to start renovating first. If people remain in the apartment during work, then a good option would be to start with a bathroom. We especially recommend this course of events if you have planned global work in the bathroom or toilet: changing tiles, replacing plumbing, and pipes. In this case, you are still full of enthusiasm and patience, which means you can easily survive short closed access to plumbing.

Then you can proceed to the corridor, hallway and kitchen. This is a fairly convenient sequence for renovation work, but it is not the only correct one. If there are some nuances in your premises that do not allow you to do just that, feel free to change the order of spaces and do not worry that you have put the proposed plan aside.

We also remind you that if furniture and appliances remain there during the renovation of secondary housing, it is necessary to allocate a budget for the purchase of a protective film. By not covering the remaining items with polyethylene, you run the risk of updating not only what you want, but also what was not even included in the plans. 

Stages of apartment renovation step by step

Speaking about a specific renovation plan in an apartment, we propose to adhere to a specific sequence of work stages. We emphasize that this plan is not the only possible one, everything will depend on the need to perform the listed works, replacements, dismantling, creation of new structures, redevelopment, etc. Parents do not have two identical children, and construction companies do not do two identical renovations. Therefore, we invite you to a consultation and offer a preliminary calculation for a reason. It is quite possible that in your case many of these works may not be needed, or, on the contrary, some additional ones will be needed. So, what is a tentative apartment renovation plan step by step

1. We choose a strategy and think over the project

When you have already firmly decided which room you will start renovating (or contacted a construction company and are not struggling in search of the perfect solution), you need to understand what you would like to see in the renovated space. The first step is to use Google or Pinterest to understand which style is closer to you, what colours you would like to see in the interior, what furniture to put in the living room and what planes to choose for the main room in the apartment – the kitchen. These services will be able to offer you options for every taste. It is possible, or rather even certain, that you are unlikely to be able to select just a couple of images. But that’s okay, choose 10-20 options for each room and show them to our designer. Based on your examples, they will understand in which direction we should further work, what to offer, what details to take from the pictures you like and how to combine what you like in one space. We guarantee that it will be very difficult to cope on your own. Our team will offer you several possible options, from which you can then choose the perfect one. Also, you will be provided with complete visualization of the space, so that it is clear what exactly the final result will look like.

In addition, one visual component is not enough. The designer will also arrange electrical wiring and other important utility lines in the apartment for you. This is what you definitely should not neglect! There is nothing worse than a poorly arranged electrical or plumbing system. To correct these errors, you will have to dismantle what is freshly made again and redo everything again. Such oversight will cost not only lost time, but also huge amounts of money. 

2. Dismantling and replacement of windows

If it is necessary to replace window units, our managers will advise you not just on popular manufacturers, but on actually high-quality and durable options. Thanks to good glazing, in winter you will be able to enjoy the new increased energy efficiency and evaluate it in utility bills. If it seems to you that windows are something not important and they can be replaced next time, we remind you that more than 30% of heat is lost through them. And if we are talking about floor-to-ceiling windows, then the numbers will be completely different. 

3. Laying of utility lines, installation of new structures and walls

At this stage, there is a chance to finally add some new sockets, move the fixtures to another place, or put in pass-through switches for more convenience. This becomes particularly relevant if you want to redevelop and rearrange furniture with appliances. Perhaps after the renovation, you will buy built-in appliances and then you will need reinforced sockets for the dishwasher or a food waste disposer for the sink. All this can be done at this stage. And the designer will help to think carefully about where exactly it should be located at the first stage of developing a space project.

Moreover, now you can make zoning by dividing one room into two self-sufficient spaces and add a couple of new niches for your favourite photos or cosmetics in the bathroom. At this stage of the work, new structures and walls are being installed.

4. Levelling surfaces, plastering and painting works

Smooth surfaces are the key to perfectly executed finishing works such as wall painting, wallpapering, and installation of built-in furniture and appliances. This stage is one of the most difficult for beginners. If there is still a chance for relatively even walls in new buildings, although they will not be joined at 90 degrees, then in secondary housing, the previous owners hardly bothered about this issue at all. Given that walls and floors are usually very uneven in older buildings, it sometimes takes a huge amount of materials and space to make surfaces perfect. In this case, a person without proper experience should not even tempt fate by trying to do these works on their own. You will only spend money, effort and time, but you still end up having to hire a professional to correct your mistakes.

Do not neglect the alignment of surfaces, because the final visual result will depend on this. No premium wallpaper will save you if you have to glue them on a buckling wall and no top-class laminate will last long if the fasteners constantly diverge due to uneven floors.

5. Installation of stucco

This item is relevant only if certain styles for the space are selected. For example, in modern minimalism, you are unlikely to find stucco anywhere, as it is dominated by flat surfaces and clear lines without unnecessary details. But in the classical style, stucco will definitely be, because it is one of the main elements of decor.

6. Laying ceramic tiles and other types of finishing work

The correct layout and cutting of ceramic tiles will greatly help to save a tidy sum. Especially if these are large-format samples and not small 30×30 from the economy segment. Professionally performed cutting will play a role not only in external attractiveness, but the amount of material required will also depend on this.

In general, there are only two options to complete this phase of the renovation. In the first case, we suggest contacting our designers and craftsmen. The designer will correctly position the tiles in the visualization project, helping to save on quantity and make it aesthetically beautiful. Tilers will exclude the possibility of chips and damage to property. In the second option, if you want to do this task by yourself, you will have to include another 30-40% more funding for ceramic tiles in the estimate, since if you try to cut it on your own, about that amount will go into the trash.

7. Plumbing installation

That long-awaited time when the benefits of civilization return to an apartment or house: toilets, sinks and a bath.

8. Fine finishing and flooring

At this stage, it will be possible to finally see that the renovation is still being done, since not internal, but external visual changes begin. The walls acquire the necessary colours, the floor covering is laid and life becomes more pleasant.

But it is worth remembering that in many cases the appearance of the space depends not only on the beautifully painted walls and the laminate that matches the tone but also on how this very laminate was laid. If in a modern interior you suddenly decide to lay a herringbone floor covering, then you can say your mission has failed. All “fresh” renovation has a chance to suddenly become “stale” because such styling was used 30 years ago.

9. Installation of interior doors

The quality of interior doors is no less important than the choice of glazing. If with the wrong choice of windows, you can lose heat and money, then when choosing the wrong doors, you doom yourself to eternal creaking and frustration from the ruined appearance of the entire apartment. We will recommend manufacturers who make not only beautiful but also reliable doors at an affordable price.

10. Installation of lighting fixtures, sockets

Approaching the performance of these works, lighting fixtures and the colour of the sockets were already chosen together with our designer, but the task of our builders remained in their correct installation.

11. General cleaning

Compared to many construction companies, we guarantee our customers not just the removal of construction debris from the premises, but high-quality general cleaning. We are sure that everyone who orders a turnkey renovation, at the end of all the work, wants to become a character in television programs about renovation and get a “wow effect” from the renovation. It will be impossible without a well-cleaned room, and the task of Euromed-Bud is not just to make the apartment renovation step by step right, but also to give each person a little bit of a miracle. 

12. Furniture installation

The final stage for a full-fledged picture is the installation of furniture. After these works, it will finally be possible to see how beautiful and pleasant the space turned out to be. Now it is available not only with the help of visualization to imagine how you are sitting in a soft chair or cooking in a new kitchen, but sit down and cook. After this stage, we transfer the keys to the finished apartment or house to their owner. 


You can describe all the possible stages of renovation for a very long time, offer formulas for calculating the area of space, look for companies that will do it cheaper (and, of course, not always better), and divide processes into those that you can do yourself and with which it is still better to turn to professionals. Or you can stop looking for a ton of information that is already losing its relevance every year and come to our Euromed-Bud office with examples of renovation that you like. We will do the rest for you.

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