When it comes to renovations, everything seems so complicated and time-consuming that you often lose the desire to even start. For this reason, what could have been done with the regular minor renovation can turn into a full-blown overhaul. However, do not despair, now we will tell you what to do to make the process go much faster. 

A clear view of the result

Before you start a renovation, you need to decide what exactly you want to get in the end. Understand which style is closer to you, whether only the practicality of details is important, or whether you rely only on appearance.

It is also important where exactly you want to make a renovation. The contractor you choose needs to understand what kind of space they will be working with. This is important since the renovation of apartments in Warsaw and the renovation of a hospital in the same city will be fundamentally different. Not only the design will be different, but also the project itself, the location and materials of furniture, state regulations and requirements.

If we are talking about renovating an apartment, then are redevelopment, additional electrical outlets and new drywall structures needed. Having a project that has already been implemented in your apartment at the moment, you will greatly speed up the work of the masters. Knowing what electrical wiring looks like under layers of plaster, you can confidently drill walls and not worry that there is a chance of hitting important electrical systems.

Therefore, as the first thing that can significantly speed up the renovation course, we highlight the presence of a project of past work. If you do not have it, then this time we advise you not to neglect it. Our designer will describe the location of every detail in your new home.

Planning the renovation stages

When you have already firmly decided that there will be a renovation, the question arises of doing it yourself or trusting the masters. Of course, you can try to do everything from a YouTube video, but we advise you to remember a simple truth: redoing is always more expensive than doing it right at once.

Why are we talking about saving? It is generally believed that apartment renovation services from private firms usually cost much more than a do-it-yourself renovation. There are at least three reasons:

  1. Due to professional work, you can always save on the amount of materials, because our guys have made more than a dozen renovations and can accurately calculate the amount that will be needed.
  2. Also, you will save on materials because they will be properly used. There will be no need for repainting, repapering, or re-puttying. When renovating with your own hands, there will be an overrun of materials, since, for example, levelling the walls is not the easiest task for a beginner.
  3. We will select the best suppliers from the price segment that interests you. You do not have to look for brands on your own, read tons of information and reviews (which, by the way, are sometimes far from being true), and then spend time looking for places where you can buy it all at the best price.

If we talk about the specific stages of the renovation, then they are as follows:

  1. The first stage is to dismantle the floor and wall coverings. After this stage, we immediately take out excess garbage and collect construction dust. This helps our masters to work more conveniently, therefore more quickly and productively. Thanks to cleaning, no dirt will also ruin the finishing materials that will be used in the final version of the renovation.
  2. If necessary, then old windows, front door and air conditioners are replaced. 
  3. In the next stage, our masters carry out work to align the walls and ceiling. The floor is not levelled now; the team is working on it later.
  4. Arrangement of water and heating pipes. If necessary, batteries and heated towel rails are replaced. This stage is very important! If repainting the walls, re-tiling or replacing the flooring is a manageable task, then re-arrangement of pipes or re-wiring is a challenging task. To complete it, you will need to break the walls again and this won’t come cheap. That is why we remind you once again: it is better to do it well and professionally right away than to redo it later for a pretty penny. 

At this stage, electrical work can also be carried out in parallel, which also helps to speed up the renovation process.

  1. Installation of drywall structures. This is not mandatory and only depends on the desire of the customer. This includes drywall structures for the ceiling, additional niches, shelves and cabinets.
  1. Now comes the turn of levelling the floor and installing floor heating. If the evenness of this surface raises many questions, then this stage can take a significant amount of time. However, there are alternatives in the form of a dry screed or quick-hardening compounds. We can discuss which option will be yours at the consultation. 
  2. Plastering works for walls and ceilings, their preparation for applying top coat. Here we recommend turning to professionals, even if you carry out the renovation by yourself. The aesthetic component of all subsequent renovations will depend on this stage. How even and smooth the walls are now will determine how well the wallpapering will be or whether the paint on the walls will look beautiful. At this stage, in pursuit of the desire to save money, you can spend a lot of money on the contrary, especially if you choose expensive materials for renovation. 

In parallel with the plastering work, tiling work can take place: finishing the toilet and the bathroom. As well as grouting and priming the ceiling and walls. 

  1. Finishing work begins with the application of any finishing coatings: paint, wallpaper, etc. When the walls are ready, we can deal with the ceiling, floor and doors. The order of work may change.

After completing this stage, we do the cleaning.

  1. Installation of lamps, sockets, air conditioners, switches, skirting boards, etc. This also includes the installation of built-in furniture and kitchen units.
  2. General cleaning is the final stage of the renovation.

Of course, in your case, not all items from this list may be needed, or vice versa, something will be required to add. This list is just an introductory one to show what stages are usually included in it and where you can save time by doing renovation works in parallel.

The design project must be competent and accurate

Having done renovation of apartments in Warsaw about a couple of hundred times, we are sure of one thing – the design project must be competent and accurate. This is exactly the starting point which influences how quickly the work will move forward. If the design project clearly states where and what should be located, the masters will be able to do their job without being distracted by unnecessary clarifications. Thanks to this instruction, you will not have to redo something on which a lot of effort, time and finances have already been spent. The designer will think about how to optimally arrange the furniture and how to do the electrical wiring so that later you don’t have to run to the other end of the room to the right switch.

If you still tend to do the renovation by yourself and want it to go as smoothly and quickly as possible, then our main advice is to order a design project. This will make your life much easier and save you from possible mistakes, which then will be very difficult or even impossible to correct. 

Arranging the timely delivery of materials

Often the problem of delaying the renovation completion is the delivery of materials completely at the wrong time, which is discussed with suppliers in advance. We can guarantee that when ordering apartment renovation services from us, you will be 100% safe from such problems. We work only with reliable suppliers of building materials who value their reputation, which means they do everything on time.

Using simple design solutions

Design is also one of the key factors that affect the renovation speed. By choosing minimalism, you can save time, since this style will not have ornate plasterwork, which will have to be ordered separately from the masters. In addition, such extraordinary decor elements will take longer and be more difficult to install. Therefore, if you value your time, we advise you to pay attention to solid colours and smooth textures without unnecessary details. This applies to the overall design of rooms and furniture design. 

Calculating the budget

We put this item in a separate section, since when ordering apartment renovation services from different companies, you may encounter the fact that the initial estimate does not at all correspond to the one that will be provided to you at the end. Our Euromed-Bud company guarantees that the initial and final estimates will match. This will also help you save time on renovation, as you won’t have to figure out the circumstances that caused the number to change.

Reliable performer

If you decide not to do the renovation by yourself and contact a construction company (which we highly recommend doing), then your main task is to decide on this organization. Read the reviews, ask your questions directly to the company’s managers, and find out how many renovations they have already done before. If possible, check out their finished objects personally and make sure that they are professionals in their field. We have done several hundred renovations of apartments in Warsaw, as well as private clinics, dental offices, development centres and many other interesting spaces. Each of them had its requirements, but our team took everything into account to save time and money for our customers.

Ordering a turnkey apartment renovation from one company

When ordering a turnkey renovation, you must be sure of only one thing – the desire to do a renovation. Then just come to our office, decide on the price segment with the help of a manager, voice your idea and after a while, you will receive back the keys to the finished object. If it seemed to you that this sounds too simple, then it didn’t seem to you, because the renovation with our team is very simple.


Contact our manager when it is convenient for you to schedule a meeting and we can start making your dream come true!

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