The popularity of frame houses is growing every year. And if earlier it was believed that such a house would not withstand the first rain, today we can say for sure from the experience of thousands of people that this option is a very reliable investment. Moreover, funds for the construction of such a house will need much less than for the construction of a brick or wooden one. In this article, we talk about the features of frame houses and whether they are worth attention.

Is it possible to renovate frame houses?

Frame house renovation is not only possible but necessary if you plan to live in comfortable conditions for as long as possible. To date, thousands of houses in the United States of America, for example, have proven that there is nothing terrible in the frame type and this is an excellent option not only for a week-long overnight stay in nature but also for a daily stay. As in any housing, it is important to think through everything in advance and carry out renovations on time. Then there will be no additional problems with quality and durability.

Frame house advantages

Like any type of building, a frame house has its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of this type of housing, it will have many more pros than cons. For this reason, frame houses are now gaining popularity. In terms of specific advantages, these include:

  1. Cost and terms of putting into operation. Such a house can be built in just a couple of months, which is almost impossible for building a house from scratch. And compared to the price of brick houses, the amounts will be completely incomparable.
  2. High thermal efficiency. Of course, at first glance, it’s hard to believe that in a house with such relatively thin walls, we can talk about warmth at all, but this is far from the case. The first frame houses appeared in the Scandinavian countries, and there certainly was no talk of the scorching sun and eternal summer. Thanks to the right insulation, a good type of heater and the right wiring throughout the house, even in cold winters, you can enjoy the warmth inside the room.
  3. Simple lightweight materials that can be lifted using only human resources. This simplifies the work and does not require additional costs for loaders.
  4. Construction can be carried out in any season in any weather.
  5. Even walls after completion of construction, which will save huge amounts of money on levelling and additional manipulations with surfaces.
  6. Resistance to bad weather, as the base is quite strong (wood or metal). According to statistics, frame houses withstand earthquakes the best.

Frame house disadvantages

Of course, there is nothing perfect in the world, which means that such a house has its drawbacks:

  1. Fire hazard. This disadvantage is controversial. Wood catches fire and burns faster than other materials, but the same can be said for a log house. Proper processing, selection of good materials that comply with fire standards, competent wiring and professional installation of appliances will significantly reduce the risks.
  2. Not a very high level of sound insulation compared to concrete and brick houses. However, this disadvantage can also be offset. We tell further how to do it.
  3. Less durable when compared to wood or brick houses again. Of course, first, you need to understand what quality of houses we are dealing with, because both wood and brick can have completely different characteristics. By replacing the insulation every 25-30 years, the frame house can last for the same time period until the next replacement of the insulation. And with proper care, the frame itself can last much longer.

Scheduled renovations – what you need to constantly do in order for the frame house to serve you for a long time

In the classical sense of the word, frame house renovation is practically no different from renovations in any other residential premises. Sooner or later, you will also need to redecorate it, buy new furniture and lay fresh flooring. However, the renovation work that the owners of a frame house will face, in contrast to the owners of another type of housing are the following:

  1. Replacement of insulation. Such a procedure is needed approximately every 25-30 years.
  2. Fire bioprotection treatment, which will help to level the lack of flammability.
  3. Applying an antiseptic coating that will help prevent the spread of mould, fungus and other pathogens.

Thanks to these simple actions in the required time frame, you can enjoy living in a frame house for many years without any problems and feeling all the advantages over expensive brick structures.

The layout can be changed in a frame house

There are two options for the construction of frame houses: according to a ready-made standard and according to an individual project. Of course, like any service that is done for you personally, the custom design option will be a bit more expensive. However, there are benefits here: in this case, the layout can be changed before construction begins, and any parameters of the rooms can be set or a veranda can be attached.

Check the frame house for heat loss

It is often impossible to see heat leakage with the naked eye. To understand how high energy efficient a house is, you need to use special devices. They can be of two types:

  1. Pyrometer. This device does not have a very high price and for this reason, it can become available to anyone. It allows you to measure the temperature at a specific point, and therefore such a study can hardly be called objective because it will not be possible to see the overall picture of heat.
  2. Thermal imager (or thermal imaging camera). This is an objective and more serious device that shows on the display a thermal histogram superimposed on a real image. The thermal imager also has a built-in pyrometer, which immediately shows the temperature in a particular area.

However, finding such a device is only half the battle. In order to correctly evaluate the thermal efficiency, it is necessary to carry out this procedure in accordance with standards and regulations. It will be extremely difficult to do it by yourself, and it will not be so easy to rent an expensive thermal imager. For a correct assessment of the premises, it is better to contact a specialist who will conduct a study both inside and outside.

The best materials for insulating a frame house from the inside

For internal insulation, the following types of materials are most often used:

– mineral wool;

– ecowool;

– styrofoam;

– expanded polystyrene;

– polyurethane foam;

– basalt wool.

At the moment, there are also eco-friendly options for insulation made from natural materials: jute, straw, hemp, etc. Such thermal insulation can be carried out independently and at any time of the year.

The best materials for insulating a frame house from the outside

It is possible to engage in external insulation of a frame house at any time after the installation of the frame itself and putting the facility into operation. For external insulation, mineral wool or polystyrene is usually used. They perfectly keep the heat inside the room. However, almost all of the same options can be used for interior work. The best for any type of insulation is basalt wool and ecowool. The most unsuitable options are polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam.

How to decorate a frame house inside?

For interior rough finishes, there are not many possible options. The most commonly used drywall and OSB plates. But you can “play around” with the final finish. You can perform such work using the same materials that you could use in any other premises:

– lining of different classes;

– plaster and wallpaper;

– decorative plaster;

– different types of tiles;

– glass-magnesium sheets;

– flexible stone;

– the liquid wallpaper.

Improving the soundproofing of a frame house

The sound insulation of a frame house is well increased due to double insulation outside and inside. However, there are other ways to deal with noise:

  1. Choose good double-glazed windows.
  2. Give preference to reliable interior doors. In this case, you are unlikely to need additional sealing tapes, but if you do not have the finances to replace doors or install expensive ones, then this option is also possible.
  3. When renovating a frame house, use finishing materials that are famous for their sound absorption (for example, liquid wallpaper).
  4. Carpets on the floor are also great at absorbing noise.
  5. Thick curtains on the windows will not only save you from bright light at night but will also play the role of an additional noise absorber.

Replacing plumbing in a frame house

Arranging utility lines during frame house renovation does not raise any questions and difficulties. There are just a huge number of options for arranging pipes. Each of these methods has its own characteristics, and if you are planning the arrangement of utility lines even before construction begins, then experienced craftsmen will immediately select both methods and placements that are optimal for your house.

How to protect yourself from rodents in a frame house

It is better to deal with the problem of rodents at the construction stage. If everything is done correctly, then you will no longer have to solve this problem and look for alternative ways to fight. The best solutions, in this case, would be:

  1. Laying a thick metal mesh with small cells on the plinth and subfloor before the installation of the insulation.
  2. Fill the foundation with a thick layer of expanded clay, then tighten it with polyethylene and lay OSB plates on top. This option will also help improve thermal insulation.
  3. The use of a reinforced concrete slab at the base of a frame house.
  4. Use of ecowool as insulation. Earlier we have already written that this material is one of the best options for house insulation. In addition to the fact that it retains heat well, it contains substances that are poisonous to rodents.
  5. Treatment of building materials with special solutions based on lime.

And, of course, one of the main conditions is high-quality frame materials that do not have any cracks and gaps between them, which rodents can crawl through.

How to make ventilation in a frame house?

Proper ventilation in a frame house is no less important than the frame of the building itself. Such a house is tightly sheathed with insulation, which means that condensation can accumulate between it and the walls, which over time will lead to the build-up of mould and destruction. The ventilation project should be developed at the planning stage of building a house and you will not be able to do it yourself. You can read hundreds of articles on how to make ventilation in a frame house with your own hands, but none of the authors will take responsibility for your life. Ventilation will directly affect not only the condition of the whole house but also your health because without proper air exchange, oxygen starvation can begin and the consequences can become very deplorable. Entrust this part to a good specialist and enjoy life in your new home with peace of mind.

How long is the service life of frame houses?

Despite the fact that there are no thick brick walls in a frame house, it will be able to serve more than one generation. Only with proper care and quality building materials, of course. Yes, for a frame house, it is necessary to replace the insulation every 25-30 years, but sometimes this can even be an advantage since by removing the insulation layer, you can easily change internal utility lines. Replacing the wiring and changing the arrangement will be quite an easy task, compared to a classic house or apartment, where for such manipulations you almost need to demolish and rebuild the walls.

Cost of renovating a frame house

It is impossible to name the exact cost of renovating a frame house. The main costs need to be included for updating the insulation and this amount will depend both on the area of the premises and on the type of material itself. You also need to consider whether you want to change the interior design or you just need an overhaul.


In order to build a dream home for quite reasonable money, it is worth taking a closer look at the option of frame houses. They are simple in execution, practically no different from classic wooden and brick houses, but much cheaper and faster to build. To calculate the cost of your project, come to our office and tell us about your dreams. We will help you to make them come true.

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