One of the most important rooms which is adorable and thrilling for every parent is the children’s room. Perhaps no other room in the home receives as much attention as this one. After all, we create this space not only for ourselves but also for the most important person in our life. And if for some time the child lived without personal space and dreamed about it, then this becomes the most responsible mission. In this article, we will describe how to organize a small room for two children, what colour scheme to choose and how to properly furnish the areas in the children’s space.

What is important to consider in the children’s room?

Proper planning is the key to success in any business related to construction and renovation. The children’s room will not be an exception to this rule. However, several unspoken laws will help make the children’s room not only functional and beautiful but also safe. Our TOP 5 are as follows:

  1. Use eco-friendly materials to renovate the children’s room.
  2. Equip the room as safe as possible, based on the age of the child. Use plugs for sockets and good fasteners for large-sized furniture and appliances, if they will be in the children’s room. Choose a non-slip floor covering and try to avoid sharp corners.
  3. Choose neutral colours to decorate the room. This will help not to overwhelm the fragile nervous system of babies. For older children, you can additionally pick up bright colour accents.
  4. Create the right layout and a clearly defined place for each item. This will help form the habit of putting away their toys after every game and will spare you all sorts of trouble due to the constant mess in the future.
  5. If there is enough space, allocate a place in the children’s room not only for relaxation but also for entertainment.

How to share one room for two children?

If you are the happy owner of a huge four-room apartment, the problem of personal space does not arise at all. But what should you do if there are already two children in the family, and only one children’s room is available? In fact, there are many different ways in which this problem becomes completely solvable. The main ones include:

  1. Cabinets and racks. They will play the role of not only an element of space zoning, but also a functional one. Decor, personal belongings of kids or books will perfectly fit in such cabinets.
  2. This option is only possible if your children are already old enough to build high constructions in their places of residence. For very small babies, this option will be unacceptable, as it will become traumatic.
  3. Sliding doors. This case will not have additional functionality and requires extra costs for installation and the doors, however, it allows you to divide the room into two fully autonomous parts.
  4. Plasterboard partition. This option can visually make the space look several square meters smaller, but it will allow you to seriously and permanently divide the space for each of the children.
  5. Curtains and screens. This zoning method is similar to the previous one, but it will be more mobile since the curtains can always be pushed back and reconnect two spaces into one. The advantage of this method is also in additional dimming.

How to furnish areas:

Sleeping area

Even if there are working and play areas, the sleeping place is the main one in the children’s room. Depending on the available space and the number of children, the optimal bed is selected. If the child is alone and there is enough space, then the bed is placed separately, but if there is not enough space, then a bed on the higher level, under which there is a working area, would be an excellent option. Provided that there are two children, there are also two solutions: a bunk bed or separate single beds.

Next to the bed a cabinet for personal belongings and a wardrobe are usually placed. Also, if the children are still little, then an additional place for a night light is needed.

Play area

The play area will look different depending on the age of the child. Most often, it contains racks with toys and a rug for comfortably sitting on the floor. Additionally, there may be a wigwam, a pool with balls and other entertainment elements. Older children will not need so much space for toys, but they will need things that reflect their main hobby. For example, for fans of computer games, it will be a comfortable gaming chair and a large monitor, and for dancers, a large mirror will be required. Also, an excellent addition to the play area for any child will be a sports corner with a climbing frame, rings, and a rope.

Learning area for two children

The need for arranging this area arises when the child turns 5 years old. There should be a desktop, a chair, a table lamp, cabinets, pencil cases and racks for storing notebooks, textbooks and stationery. For older children, a laptop or computer is additionally required. The learning area is usually separated by a partition, which helps not to be distracted by other factors and focus on the main task. When two children live in a room, the working area can be either shared or separate, depending on the free space and the age of the siblings.

Storage space

Storage space should be present in all areas of the children’s room. In the working area, there are cabinets and pencil cases for school supplies. In the play area, there are racks and boxes for toys. In the sleeping area, there are bedside tables for personal belongings and wardrobes. Also, the function of storage space is perfectly performed by partitions for zoning, if designed with additional cells.

Colour solutions

If two or more children live in the room, then it is better to choose a neutral colour scheme for the children’s room. It has a good effect on the general condition of the child: it helps not to be distracted when doing homework and relaxes the nervous system after a busy day. For older children, you can add bright colour accents to help express their personality.

Children’s room for two boys

First of all, you need to decide in what style the room for two future men will be created. Based on communicating with our little customers, most often their desired themes for the future children’s room are as follows:

  • sporty style;
  • pirates;
  • marine theme;
  • robots;
  • scenes with animals;
  • certain popular cartoons.

However, here one should rely not only on the desires of children but also on their capabilities. You need to create a holistic style not only with the colour of the walls and a couple of posters, here you will have to work hard on the details. Also, often the desires of several children do not coincide and you have to be sneaky to make a common room combining a marine theme and a sports style. Our designers are ready for such shocks and they already have a couple of spare options in store for you.

Zoning in a common room for two children is done using their own set of furniture for each child. Most often, in the centre of each space, there is a bed, a nightstand and a chair/armchair. Shelves for books can be placed above the bed. The shared property will include a desk and a wardrobe. If the area is not big enough to install two separate beds, then you need to pick up a bunk bed or the transforming furniture.

In conditions where there is not enough space for any individual furniture, we advise having at least a bookshelf, cabinet or a small place for personal items that will belong to only one particular child. This is very important to have a personal autonomous space, even if it is very limited in size.

Children’s room for two girls

Interior themes for girls are usually as follows:

  • princesses;
  • fairies;
  • mermaids;
  • characters from favourite cartoons.

Like boys, little princesses often have disagreements about the design of the common room. Then there are only three options for solving the problem. First: to find a compromise and agree on what will suit both girls. Second: to choose neutral tones for the room. Third: to arrange the space in two different styles, but then these zones and colours must be at least somehow combined.

In the girls’ room, the properly selected decor occupies a particularly important place. However, when choosing such elements, it is worth remembering that children grow very quickly and their tastes change at lightning speed. Therefore, we strongly advise you to choose neutral decorations that will not go out of fashion for the next few years until the next redecoration.

It is very important to allocate additional storage space in the room. Girls love different boxes on wheels, shelves and racks (possibly of unusual shapes or colours). If the sisters have a sufficiently large age difference, then the older one must have a place where the younger one will not have access.

Solutions for children of different sexes

If children of different sexes live in the children’s room, it will not be possible to do without competent zoning. In this case, the room will conditionally need to be divided into two equal parts, where there will be two separate relaxation areas, two beds and two workplaces. It would be ideal, if two play areas can also be made, however, a common one might be enough if each child has a separate place to store their toys.

As for the colour palette, in such a room you can use two different colours for each child (and it doesn’t have to be hackneyed pink and blue!). Or a universal colour can be chosen, complemented by other bright decorative elements. Space partitioning can be done by any of the methods described previously. The rest of the rules will not differ in any way from the design of a children’s room for same-sex children. Personal space is the key to a comfortable life for every child, regardless of their gender.

Transforming furniture in the children’s room

Transforming furniture for a children’s room is a real find, especially if every square meter there is precious. Today there are:

  • transforming beds;
  • storage systems;
  • furniture sets;
  • desks

They all can be pulled out, folded, slide-out and perform a million more functions so as not to take up precious space. And thanks to simple mechanisms, over time, even a child can use such furniture.


Finishing is not just the colour of the walls. Very often in rooms where several children live at once, the decoration plays the role of visual zoning. The same manoeuvre will be relevant for the room where one baby lives. With the help of decoration, you can visually outline the space of the play, work and relaxation areas.

Accessories for the children’s room

The presence of accessories in the children’s room is exactly what distinguishes it from any other space in the home. With their help, you can understand who lives here and what they are interested in. Ask your child to choose their favourite toys, draw a couple of pictures, and make some crafts. All this will perfectly fit into the universal interior of the children’s room. If you have a certain interior theme, then choose accessories that will complement the integrity of the picture.

Lighting in a room for two children

Usually, lighting is rarely used as a way of hard zoning a room, as there are much more efficient and budget methods. The type and source of light are determined by the place in the room: a night lamp and a compact reading lamp in the relaxation area, bright lights in the play area, a table lamp in the work area, etc. Pass-through switches will be relevant for controlling light sources. Be sure to consider this at the project design stage.

How to visually enlarge the space?

As in any room, the best way to visually increase the space will be using light shades and the presence of large mirrors. Choose solid colours or a small pattern for wall covering. With the help of a vertical strip, you can visually raise the height of the ceiling, and with the help of a horizontal strip, you can add width. The right light also helps to visually enlarge the space.


Organizing a small room for two children is, of course, a very difficult, but quite solvable task. Common decisions, preferences of both children, compromises, proper zoning and selection of universal furniture will facilitate the difficult renovation process. Come to our office so that our designers can create the perfect children’s room for your home, in which each child will have their personal space.

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