No wonder they say that presentation is vital and this applies not only to people, but also to each individual house. The first thing anyone sees when they are near your home is the driveway to it. If you are going to sell your house in the future, or even build it for a future sale right away, then the driveway can become its hallmark.

What should the modern driveway to the house be like?

The modern driveway to the house can be made in completely different variations, depending on the appearance of the facade, style, your taste and financial capabilities. To date, the following aesthetic design options are becoming increasingly popular:

– a wide entrance with a large tiled floor and several steps. Adjacent to it is a small lighted garden with a stone backdrop and slatted panels;

– minimalistic garden at the driveway. Unpretentious outdoor plants are usually planted, the ground near them is covered with medium or large decorative stones;

– a tropical garden along the entire path leading from the gate to the entrance to the house;

– if the budget is limited, then you should pay attention to the simplicity and strict geometry. This will create a sense of order and neatness;

– concrete on the floor and walls plus warm lighting will create the perfect tandem;

– a trimmed green lawn and a path neatly paved with a large stone;

– a completely snow-white entrance group, complemented by large greenish potted plants.

In general, the most popular design options for a modern driveway to the house are a spacious entrance to the house, good lighting, installation of various types of frames that perform both aesthetic and practical functions, the use of materials such as stone slabs, brick, wood, glass, architectural concrete.

What should you pay attention to when arranging the driveway to the house?

The driveway to the house is one of the first construction activities that you should be puzzled by even before the start of full-scale work. In fact, when buying a plot, many people do not even think that this task will be quite difficult if the option of a simple smooth driveway with the most ordinary road and gate is not for your case. You will have to work hard, studying the issue and choosing ways that will make it possible to make the right modern driveway to the house. Usually, the following steps must be completed before starting construction:

– to get acquainted with the state norms and rules of the partnership/organization/management company that operates in your area;

– to determine the place of entry to the plot, taking into account the location of the main road and the relief of the adjacent territory;

– independently or with the help of a specialist (depending on the complexity of the situation and your knowledge), to develop a driveway project;

– to decide on the arrangement option, based on the exterior of the future house, the possibilities of the territory and your preferences;

– to prepare the plot, clean it of debris and unnecessary items, level the place of the future driveway as much as possible;

– to carry out work on the arrangement of the driveway.

When developing a project for a modern driveway to a house, you need to find a place in front of the gate where cars could stop for a short time, as well as a place for parking. If the area is large enough, then you also need to take into account the place for a guest car and specialized vehicles (firefighters, ambulances, construction trucks, etc.).

What materials to use for making a modern driveway to the house?

Today, there are many options for building a driveway to a house from scratch, and for finishing it. It all depends on the initial data of the site for construction and your financial capabilities. When deciding on the options, first, you need to understand whether you want to deal with the arrangement of the driveway yourself or you are ready to hire a master. It depends, of course, on whether it is possible to make such a choice. Some options are impossible to implement on your own, which means they are definitely unlikely to suit you if your budget is very limited. Basically, the following options are used as a finish coating:

Driveway to the house of concrete slabs

Such a coating has butt joints, and does not fit in one piece or fill. Unfortunately, these joints can begin to collapse over time due to subsidence of the soil and loads. This leads to the unevenness of the road surface.

Driveway to the house from paving slabs

Lasting and durable coating, besides it has a very good and neat appearance. Often you can choose a color and shape that will go well with the entire entrance group and the exterior facade of the house. However, you should remember that laying such a coating would take a lot of time, require many finances and good skills of the relevant specialist. To do this without the help of others is almost impossible.

Cobblestone driveway to the house

This is a low-budget driveway, which may be done by you, but you should not expect the coating to be even in such case. If you cannot afford to use other options, then this is the only case when you can use such coating.

Gravel road to the house

A large number of people uses gravel as a finish coating. To deal with it neither special skills, nor a lot of time, nor huge financial expenses are required. However, simply graveling the road is a very poor option in the presence of a drainage system, which we will discuss in more detail later in this article.

Driveway to the house

State regulations assume that observing them will prevent you from creating obstacles on your driveway for other people and you will be able to comfortably use the driveway as well as other cars. Basic regulations are as follows:

– the width of the driveway must be at least 3 m;

– at the junction with the road, the driveway must have a level coinciding with the level of the roadway;

– when organizing drainage, it is necessary to use a pipe with a diameter of more than 30 cm and a length of more than 4.5 m in the ditch of the roadway;

– in the place where your driveway is adjacent to the main roadway, there must be an extension of at least 8-8.5 m, which could provide a turning radius of at least 5 m;

– the degree of the slope of the trench coincides with the degree of the slope of the pipe under the roadway.

As the owner of the plot, you can determine the driveway arrangement yourself, however, you must take into account that your driveway should not interfere with the main flow of cars on the main road. The parking space for your car must not be in a common area and interfere with the traffic of the main road in front of your house. In addition, when developing a project for a driveway to the house, it is imperative to take into account all the requirements that were accepted in the partnership of your area.

Driveway arrangement options:

Simple and smooth driveway

This option for arranging the driveway is very common and “reference”. To bring it to life, you just need to lay a cover and put a gate of the required width. However, such a jackpot is quite rare and it is more likely that the entrance will have to be built using completely different technologies.

Driveway with a drainage system

When arranging the site, it is recommended to lay a drainage system along the road. This rule has consequences in the form of organizing the driveway to the drainage trench using a pipe with a diameter of 30-50 cm (depending on the volume of water to be drained). It is impossible to fill up the ditch, in which case the whole system loses its meaning, since it simply will not perform its function. This means that you need to come up with a plan that will ensure a good driveway and will not become an obstacle to the functioning of the drainage system.

In addition to such a classic option for arranging an entrance with a drainage system, there is also an option for arranging a driveway with increased strength. It implies the construction of additional concrete walls. An important rule is also that when arranging such driveways, the pipe must have a slope similar to the bottom of the ditch, that is, the pipe must be laid parallel to the bottom of the ditch. After backfilling the pipe, water should not seep through the embankment that you have erected.

Driveway through a ditch

There are a large number of ways to build a driveway through a ditch, and they all have completely different cost, execution time and requirements for the qualification of the master. The three most commonly used options for this task are as follows:

  1. Construction of the driveway using concrete slabs. In this case, first, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of one type of reinforced concrete slabs. It will depend on the width of the ditch itself. Such slabs have a sufficiently large load capacity and can withstand even a completely packed truck. However, it should be borne in mind that the slabs themselves have a large weight, which means that when a heavy vehicle enters this area, the pressure on the ground will be very large. So that after a short period, the soil does not subside and you do not have to deal with the issues of the driveway again, you need to consider strengthening this section right away.
  2. Use of lumber, metal profiles and iron sheets. The last option will only be available if your budget is close to unlimited, as it has a high cost. You will only have to use new material, since second-hand is definitely not suitable for these purposes. In addition, it will be necessary to hire a highly qualified welder: you will not be able to assemble the necessary structure on your own.
  3. The most common option for arranging a driveway through a ditch is to use an embankment with a drainage pipe. Its advantages are favorable final price and the relative simple working process. Options for performing such a task will depend on the width and depth of the ditch.

Driveway on a slant

Often the driveway is equipped with a slope up or down. In this case, it is necessary to increase the grip of the wheels of the car with the road surface in order to exclude the possibility of its spontaneous movement. For such a driveway, the principle of a ramp with a maximum incline of 23-24º is usually used.


The modern driveway to the house is not just an additional pavement near the plot that matches the size of your gate. It is really a difficult task if you take the construction of your house with all responsibility and trepidation. Of course, you can always try to do everything yourself and the driveway is no exception, but first, you need to study the issue very well. If you are confident about your skills, and in your case, easy options are exactly right, feel free to try. However, if you are not sure of your knowledge, and the driveway in your case is not the easiest task, then we will help you in the implementation of your plans. Come to our office and together we will develop a competent project for your future house.

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