In recent years, housing repairs have noticeably risen in price in Poland; Especially active price growth is observed in Warsaw and its environs. Euromed-bud makes concessions to its clients: our prices are among the most affordable in the capital, and the quality of services remains at its best! Sophisticated technical solutions, rational organization of work and established relationships with suppliers of building materials reduce the cost of repairing a typical apartment of 70 square meters. meters. Tell us about your ideas and expectations from the renovation, and we will show you how to make your home cozy and stylish without emptying the family budget.

The correct layout of zones in the apartment

Re-planning increases the cost of repairs, so if possible, avoid manipulating interior partitions and pay attention to visual zoning techniques. Use colors, textures, furniture, movable screens, podiums, curtains and decorative lighting – it saves space, time and money. The maximum area is allocated for a zone of joint leisure, but at the same time, each family member should have a comfortable place for privacy.

The combination of different finishing materials and floor coverings is a simple and economical way to mark the boundaries of functional areas. In rooms with a single window, it is undesirable to install plasterboard structures that limit the light flux – darkened rooms look uncomfortable and require additional costs for installing fixtures. Alternative solutions are through shelving, a double-sided cabinet or transparent glass partitions that maintain a comfortable level of lighting.

When combining a bedroom and a living room, it is better to place the bed in the back of the room or in a niche, fencing off the resting place with a thick curtain; recesses in the walls can also be adapted for a dressing room with sliding doors. To separate the working area, roller shutters, false partitions and shelves are suitable; the desk is placed on the podium and closer to the window.

Kitchen zoning is usually done with the help of decoration, lighting and height difference – the working area is placed on a small elevation. With a sufficient area of \u200b\u200bthe room, the functions of delimiting the space are performed by bar counters, arches and ceiling beams.

Two-room apartment 70 m2

The cost of repairing apartments of the same footage and different layouts is not the same – repairing a two-room apartment is more expensive than a studio, since the total area of wall surfaces is larger. To the cost of work and materials will be added the cost of networking and interior improvement; unlike studios, two-room apartments need to install interior doors, trim the cover, additional sockets and light points. But the repair itself will not cause any particular inconvenience: by carrying out work in different rooms in stages, you can avoid resettlement and lead a normal life.

Studio apartment 70 m2

In a studio of 70 sq. meters living room, bedroom and kitchen form a single space; accordingly, the number of internal walls and door blocks is minimal, and the need for artificial lighting is lower, since nothing prevents the free movement of light. In addition to the partitions and doors separating the bathroom, it is possible to isolate the bed by means of decorative structures.

On the other hand, the development of a design project for the renovation of a studio requires an impeccable sense of style – to create a harmonious space, it is necessary to maintain a single color and correctly place semantic accents. The area of the room is quite enough for the implementation of original design solutions; modern urban trends are especially in demand – minimalism, techno, neoclassic, Scandinavian style; from vintage styles, modern, art deco, provence, country and Mediterranean retro are suitable.

Functional areas are built into the overall context through thematic accessories, prints, textures and color spots. For 8-12 weeks, while the work is going on, you will have to put up with noise, disorder and construction dust – it is impossible to hide from the repair in the studio!

The cost of repairing an apartment of 70 m2 – an approximate calculation

The calculation of the repair cost is based on the results of a comprehensive survey of the object – the technical documentation, the condition of the basic structures, engineering networks, kitchen equipment and plumbing are studied. Based on the results of the housing assessment, it becomes clear what type of repair you need – cosmetic, current or capital; whether there is a need for complex structural changes, reconstruction and modernization of communications.

Next, a repair project is developed, which determines the deadlines for completing tasks, the need for building materials, machines, mechanisms and labor. Transparent pricing eliminates hidden fees and commissions; we offer the best prices in Warsaw without compromising on the quality of the work.

The project estimate includes the costs of purchasing and delivering materials, renting special equipment, wages and preparing project documentation. The number of light, electric, hydraulic and gas points is also taken into account; in case of unplanned expenses, an additional amount of 10-15% of the budget is withheld.

The layout of old apartments has a number of disadvantages, therefore, when renovating secondary housing, the need for reorganization and redevelopment arises more often. Typical problems of apartments in monolithic-panel houses include low ceilings, narrow long corridors, small kitchens, combined bathrooms. There may also be a need for additional insulation of the floor, balcony and windows; sealing walls and facades requires substantial investment and is rarely practiced.

More affordable solutions are the installation of multi-chamber double-glazed windows and the installation of thresholds in front of doorways; you can stick a warming brush on the canvas. Considering that ventilation systems in old buildings were designed long before the advent of hermetic structures, it does not hurt to recalculate the air exchange – it may be necessary to install a supply valve or fan. Insufficient air flow leads to dampness, stuffiness and dustiness, creating favorable conditions for the growth of mold and the reproduction of pathogenic microbes.

Renovation of an apartment of 70 m2, cost of work and materials

Arranging turnkey repairs will save you from tedious purchases – the contractor will provide you with quality materials from trusted suppliers at preferential prices. Building materials, consumables and accessories are selected depending on the class of repair (“Economy”, “Standard”, “Premium”); when ordering a premium package of services, repairs are carried out according to the author’s design project.

The cost of work is calculated according to the tariffs per linear meter; the price list of Euromed-bud is available in the “Cost” section on the official website. The location of the object also affects the cost of labor: renovating an apartment in Warsaw is more expensive than in a small town.

The experience and reputation of a construction contractor also matter: the services of reputable organizations are more expensive, but you can count on compliance with technological standards, highly qualified personnel and guarantees. The right to free elimination of defects during the warranty period is confirmed by the acceptance certificate signed by the head of the construction team and the customer.

Major renovation of an apartment of 70 m2, which includes

A major overhaul plan in the apartment allows for the reconstruction and replacement of basic structures, communications, plumbing and kitchen equipment; if necessary, the project is coordinated with the regulatory authorities. For busy people, the best solution would be a turnkey overhaul: the entire cycle of work is performed by one contractor who is fully responsible for the result; the price includes a package of services:

  • comprehensive survey of the premises;
  • development of estimates and project documentation;
  • purchase, delivery and unloading of materials;
  • dismantling of finishes and structural elements;
  • rough and fine finishing;
  • wiring, special installation and plumbing work;
  • gas equipment connection;
  • arrangement of furniture and decor;
  • Indoor cleaning and waste disposal

Rough work includes space zoning and partitioning, surface leveling, installation of suspended ceilings, double-glazed windows and door blocks. In the cost structure for the implementation of the project, rough finishing occupies the main place – it accounts for 22.5% of the estimate. Another 12% of the budget is spent on fine finishing, the cost of special installation (air conditioning, smart systems, alarms, etc.) – 2.6%; for the arrangement of bathrooms, collectors and pipelines – 2.8%; another 5.2% is allocated to electrical installation, including:

  • wall chasing and wiring;
  • installation of sockets, switches and low-voltage networks;
  • assembly of electrical panel and automatic machines;
  • arrangement of the “warm floor” system.

Renovation of an apartment of 70 m2 – on your own or with the help of specialists?

For the sake of savings, many homeowners are ready to renovate an apartment on their own and do not see the need for the services of professionals with a small area of ​​housing. Perhaps the skills of a self-taught master are enough for minor current repairs, but it is impossible to make a major overhaul without the involvement of specialists.

The law requires obtaining a permit for certain types of work, and the contracting company must have a license confirming that the staff has trained personnel and special equipment to comply with technological standards. Correcting the mistakes of an inexperienced craftsman entails additional costs and delays in repairs, and flaws that are not noticed in time ultimately lead to accidents. Only take on tasks that you have gained experience in – even simple things like wallpapering or replacing a faucet reduce repair costs.

The cost of repairing an apartment of 70 m2 – a quick assessment in our company

There are various online calculators on the Internet for calculating the approximate cost of apartment renovation, but the calculation results are not always reliable. The algorithm does not fully take into account the specifics of non-standard premises; the more complex and original the layout, the less benefit from standard formulas; real estate appraisal is best handled by a specialized specialist.

Euromed-bud provides free consultations on repair work, selection of materials and budget planning. The duty manager will calculate the project estimate according to your data and explain how to reduce the cost of repairing an apartment of 70 m2 without negative consequences.


Modest apartment of 70 sq. meters with any layout will become friendlier if you approach the repair and layout thoughtfully – prepare a design project, balance the estimate, or simply hire an intelligent contractor. Euromed-bud organizes professional turnkey home renovations and successfully resists inflation by keeping the cost of services at an acceptable level. Details in a personal conversation – leave a request on the website or write an e-mail, and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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