A complex apartment renovation is the first appearance of space in a new building and a new life for secondary housing. Even if this is the most “grandma version” that you can imagine, after such a renovation, housing can become unrecognizable and finally turn into a modern aesthetic space. 

What is a complex finish?

What is this magical renovation that can transform any premises? These are works aimed not only at minor changes but also at a complete renovation/replacement/dismantling of all internal utility lines.

We have identified the TOP 5 main types of work that are included in the complex apartment renovation:

  1. Complete dismantling of the old finish.
  2. Dismantling of important utility lines: water pipes, electrics, etc.
  3. Dismantling and creation of new walls.
  4. Laying of new utility lines: sewerage, ventilation, electrical wiring, etc.
  5. A complete package of finishing works, including the preparation of surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings) for coating and the finishing itself.

This is only a small part of the renovation plan, which can be announced after getting acquainted with your facility and voicing your wishes. In fact, in such a plan there may be dozens or even hundreds of small items. Complex apartment renovation is rightfully considered one of the longest and most difficult. In this case, the space is either created from scratch (in a new building), or everything that has already grown old is dismantled first and only then other types of work begin (for secondary housing). This is very time and resource consuming. But if it so happened that you became the happy owner of such housing, which requires a full package of construction services, then we advise you not to save money, but to immediately do all the necessary work. Redoing the renovation in a year or two will be much more difficult financially than doing it well right away. Safety, convenience and aesthetic pleasure from the finished renovated apartment will depend on this.

Complex finishing of the apartment on a turn-key basis

Our Euromed-Bud company performs a full range of construction services within one team. Turnkey renovations are what we have succeeded in thanks to a large number of employees who pass one facility from hand to hand and do not waste too much time explaining and retelling. All stages are recorded and carried out as quickly and smoothly as possible.

A complex finishing of the apartment on a turn-key basis implies the following action plan:

  1. You decide to do such a treasured and long-awaited renovation. You schedule a convenient time for you and come to our office.
  2. Managers carefully record all your wishes and our specialists go to the site together with you.
  3. After a detailed study of the space and your ideas about how it should be in the end, we offer a preliminary estimate and discuss all the planned work.
  4. After signing the contract, the work of our designer begins. They offer you several options for the appearance of the space, which will be based on your preferences and the technical characteristics/capabilities of the apartment itself.
  5. You approve one of the design projects, sign a contract and estimates, and we begin the technical part of the work directly on the premises. We would like to note that the approved initial estimates never differ from the final ones, thanks to which you protect yourself from unnecessary expenses and worries.
  6. Then we work according to the plan and after the agreed time we invite you to the finished facility.

That is, when choosing a complex finishing of an apartment on a turnkey basis, your main task is to decide what you want to see in your home as a result of all renovation work. We do all other actions ourselves: we adhere to state requirements for construction work, we recommend suppliers of building materials, plumbing, furniture, paint, wallpaper, etc., we perform work of any complexity in accordance with an approved design project, we deliver, we remove the garbage and clean up after ourselves. If you wish, you can always monitor the progress of the renovation in your apartment, go shopping, choose other materials yourself and deliver them. But we can guarantee that you will not be able to find a better price-quality ratio in the building materials market and that the work of our craftsmen does not need to be controlled.


What is included in a complex bathroom renovation:

– dismantling: plumbing fixtures (a bath, a toilet, a bidet, a sink), floor and wall tiles, risers and pipes, doors and ventilation. Under the condition of redevelopment, demolition or construction of a wall is added;

– electrical wiring;

– replacement of sewer and water pipes;

– waterproofing the floor, pouring screed, laying floor tiles;

– wall decoration;

– installation of the ceiling (the steps will depend on the type chosen);

– installation of new plumbing, heated towel rail, doors, mirrors, furniture, etc.;

– installation of switches, sockets, etc. 


The kitchen in the house is the most popular room and it must not only meet all the requirements but also be cosy and comfortable. The kitchen renovation will include:

– dismantling works;

– installation of a heat-insulated floor;

– preparation for applying finishing coatings, levelling of all surfaces;

– replacement and laying of new utility lines (electrics, sewers, water pipes);

– replacement of heating radiators;

– replacement of window units or glazing, if it was absent originally;

– laying of floor coverings;

– work with the ceiling depending on its type;

– installation of skirting boards, doors, sockets, and switches. 

Considering the fact that there is usually a huge amount of different equipment in the kitchen, special attention is paid to the electrical wiring in this room. Reinforced outlets for dishwasher, refrigerator and food waste disposer are added. Utility lines (sewerage and plumbing) are also correctly replaced since they are used very actively in the kitchen and must be in perfect order. 

Living room

In the living room, the renovation work will be somewhat different, of course, since there are no plumbing and sewer lines there. The task of renovating the living room is the correct electrical wiring, high-quality finishing and the correct arrangement of furniture. Only by following all these items, it will be possible to create a comfortable space in which you want to spend your free time. The stages of renovating the living room include all the same items as in the previous two rooms, excluding the arrangement of some internal utility lines. 


A bedroom in an apartment is a place of recuperation, which means it should be conducive to relaxation, be as functional as possible and at the same time be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Proper lighting plays an important role here. In the bedroom, our team will perform dismantling work, fix all the flaws in the form of uneven surfaces, replace floor and wall coverings, and install new lighting, and the room will immediately become different.

In the bedroom, we often recommend making additional soundproofing, since almost no one did it in old houses, and most often it is not provided for in new buildings at all. If you recall how thin the walls between you and your neighbours are, then without soundproofing you will be doomed to listen to other people’s evening dialogues. 

Services that we provide as part of a complex renovation

We provide a full range of construction services that may be needed when performing a complex renovation of an apartment or any other premises. Our team deals with the most difficult cases and always finds a compromise between how doing it with high quality and saving money for our customers. In order to find out the specific cost and necessary services specifically in your case, come to us for a consultation, voice your wishes and show your facility. Our managers will be happy to help you calculate the preliminary estimate, and in the near future, you will understand what exactly you need to change or add to your apartment for a comfortable life in it. 

What needs to be done before starting work

In order for the complex apartment renovation on a turnkey basis to be as successful as possible, you should clearly define what you want to get as a result. If from the outside it seems that this cannot even be called a task, then you are very much mistaken. Usually, our clients who choose this type of renovation have the hardest time deciding on “completely frivolous items”. Don’t worry if you can’t say straightaway what you like or if there are too many options. Our designers will help you decide on all the subtleties, based on your preferences. Just show some examples for different rooms and note which of these you would like to see in your apartment. 


Complex apartment finishing on a turnkey basis is the longest and most difficult renovation option, however, this is the most profitable investment if your apartment requires global changes or work from scratch in new buildings. Every time we try to remind you that redoing is always longer and more expensive than doing it well right away. And if you have finally fulfilled your dream and purchased your apartment, let everything in it be as functional, convenient, comfortable and pleasing to the eye as possible. We will help in fulfilling these items, for this, come to us for a consultation and show us your facility.

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