How is the search for a dental clinic going, if there are no acquaintances who could advise the perfect place? A query is entered in Google, then the appearance of the clinic is evaluated, the cost of services, the team of doctors are reviewed, the condition of the equipment is assessed and reviews are read. To win among competitors by the maximum number of points, it is necessary to create a competent design for a dental clinic and properly equip it. 

Modern requirements for the layout of the dental office

Since the dental office and clinic are medical institutions, before planning a renovation, you must familiarize yourself with all the state’s requirements. This will help protect yourself and your business from surprises in the process of work. These requirements can be found in official documents related to medicine.

In order not to waste extra precious time, you can contact us and be calm about all the nuances. We guarantee that the dental office layout will comply with all norms and requirements. Our team consists of professionals who constantly monitor all changes in Polish legislation and immediately take this into account in each new project.

The minimum set of premises for a small dental clinic

If you are planning to set up a small dental clinic, then the layout of the premises will differ significantly from multidisciplinary facilities. The minimum set of premises for a small dental clinic is the following group of spaces:

  1. Dentist’s office, which may have a different number of chairs. This must be taken into account when the dental office layout is still at the development stage.
  2. A room for rest, eating and storing personal belongings of the staff.
  3. A zone for patients, where it will be convenient to wait for an appointment, fill out the necessary documents and communicate with administrators.
  4. Lavatory for doctors and patients. These can be different spaces if the room allows. If not, one shared lavatory will suffice.
  5. Room for video surveillance and server. We advise you not to neglect this point, as both staff and patients should feel safe. 

The set of premises for a multidisciplinary clinic

For a multidisciplinary clinic, it will be very practical to plan rooms for each of the doctors of a specific specialization, as well as an operating block, a physiotherapy department, an X-ray room, a laboratory, a sterilization room and other additional rooms. The complete list will look something like this:

  1. Offices of dentists, taking into account their speciality: surgeon, orthopaedist, therapist, paediatric dentist, orthodontist, etc. depending on your staff.
  2. A room for the preparation and sterilization of instruments.
  3. Operating block. This includes preoperative, operating room, and room for patients after surgery.
  4. Specialized premises and dental laboratory. Here are polishing, foundry, gypsum, polymerization, and soldering rooms.
  5. Physiotherapy department: rooms for physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, electroluminescence, laser therapy, UHF, microwave and ultraviolet irradiation.
  6. X-ray examination room.
  7. Utility rooms.
  8. Offices of the head and the head nurse.
  9. Premises for storage of medical devices and medicines.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this is not a complete list of premises that may be in the multidisciplinary dental clinic layout. Everything will depend on how large the space will be, and of course, each project is developed with the owner, based on their wishes and requirements. At the consultation, we will help you optimally manage your space so that all rooms are as functional as possible.

Sanitary standards for the dental office

When creating a dental office, it should be borne in mind that it must comply with all the norms and requirements that are put forward for medical institutions in Poland. There are two types of requirements for different types of dental offices: those that have x-rays and those that do not.

Requirements for offices without x-rays:

  1. The premises in which the dental practice is carried out should be located in separate buildings, be in a complex of buildings or be part of a building/room intended for other purposes. Provided that they are completely separate.
  2. The entrance to the office should be located through the premises related to the practice. At the same time, it cannot be used for purposes other than practice and cannot be a walk-through zone for other premises.
  3. Lighting in the dental office must meet the operational needs and conditions established by law. We wrote about this in more detail in one of our articles in the “Useful Information” section.
  4. The floor and its connection to the walls must be washable and disinfectable.
  5. With the consent of the state regional sanitary inspector, the premises of the dental office may be located below the level of the surrounding territory. This applies to both diagnostic and treatment facilities intended for people, as well as auxiliary storage facilities.
  6. The office should have a sink with hot and cold water, a dispenser with liquid soap, a dispenser with a disinfectant, a dispenser with disposable paper towels and a container for used towels.
  7. The dental office should have a sink with a battery, as reusable instruments and medical equipment are used in the work. An exception can only be in cases where such instruments are washed and sterilized in a separate room, or when these works take place in another institution.
  8. The dental office should be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.
  9. If the office uses mechanical ventilation or air conditioning, the system must be documented, inspected, cleaned or disinfected at least once a year by the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Requirements for a dental office in which there are x-ray machines:

  1. The office must have an appropriate design of walls, doors, windows and ceilings, as well as installed protective devices for employees and other persons in the vicinity of radiation-generating equipment.
  2. The height of the X-ray room must be at least 2.5 m.
  3. The area of the room in which the X-ray machine is installed must be at least 8 m2 (an additional 4 m2 should be allocated for each additional X-ray machine in this room).
  4. Equipping such an operating room with good ventilation, providing 1.5 air exchanges per hour (which must be confirmed by a ventilation test protocol and measurements of the air exchange rate).
  5. The office must be equipped with protection for the operator of the X-ray machine from radiation when producing an image.
  6. Diagnostic x-ray laboratories should be equipped with certain protective equipment and personal protective equipment against x-rays, corresponding to the type of equipment installed and the type of examinations carried out.
  7. Protective individual gonadal covers, aprons, semi-aprons and collars made of lead sheet or lead rubber must be used.
  8. In a conspicuous place in the office there should be information about the obligation of pregnant patients to report their condition to the registrar and camera operator.
  9. The laboratory must contain information in accordance with the requirements: an information warning about ionizing radiation, as well as an information board with an icon.
  10. Diagnostic rooms with X-ray machines for producing images must be equipped with devices that signal exposure by sound or visible signals. These signals must be audible or visible from the place where the signal was triggered (regulations provide for exceptions to these requirements).

Remodelling residential premises for a dental office

An excellent solution is to open a dental office in a residential building. This dramatically increases the ability to quickly find new customers. The close location and saving time on the road will play into your hands. Residents of this building will want to visit you after opening at least for a scheduled inspection and hygiene procedures. And after that, they will be able to form an impression about the clinic and recommend it to their friends.

Turnkey dental office project: what does it mean

However, to make a good dental office layout out of an ordinary apartment, it is necessary to take into account a huge number of small things and government requirements in advance. The ideal option in this case would be a turnkey dental office layout project.

How does it work? You tell your idea, voice your wishes, and our company does everything: from the design project to the transfer of the finished object to its happy owner.

Why is it profitable for you to order a dental project from us?

It is a turnkey renovation that is our hallmark. Our company employs specialists from different fields of activity and this makes it possible to engage in all types of work in one well-coordinated team. This mechanism allows you to get rid of a large number of questions that arise during the constant transfer of an object and explain all the nuances for each new company.

Where can you order a dental office project in Warsaw, Poland?

We have created dozens of dental offices in Poland from scratch and we are happy to work on your ideal space in Warsaw. Of course, you can always turn to our competitors or even try to make a renovation on your own, but only we can guarantee that the initial idea and the amount in the signed estimate will 100% coincide with the final result. 


Send us a message in any convenient messenger or send an email and our managers will gladly advise you! Remember that only by working as a team, when everyone is doing what they can do best, you can achieve maximum success in any business. And even more so when it comes to the renovation!

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