When creating a new space, first of all, we think about how it will look: what colour of the walls will be there, what kind of furniture, decor. We think about how all this will be combined and how comfortable it will be there. At first thought, it rarely occurs to anyone sockets of which company will be there or how to correctly arrange the furniture. In the head, the aesthetic side of the issue always appears first.

How is the process of designing the interior of a dental office

When the task for this new space is the interior of a dental office, it becomes a challenge. We still first imagine how the room will look visually, but sterility and official requirements of the Ministry of Health are added to the beauty.

Requirements for the interior of a dental office

While you are considering whether to start learning all the details right now or not even start, we already have a ready-made solution for your office or the whole clinic.

How is the process of designing the interior of dentistry?

What is the process of designing a dental clinic interior?

To begin with, you determine the space for how many offices and chairs will be created. From this information, we will build on all further work.

Then we will decide on the style you would like to see in your clinic. Usually, in modern dentist clinics, this style is minimalism. It helps not to be distracted by unnecessary details and at the same time allows you to feel more comfortable. In this style, it is much easier to maintain order and disinfect surfaces, since there aren’t any extra hollows and decorative elements.

However, do not forget that if we are talking about a clinic, then in addition to rooms for the reception of patients, there are other rooms. These include:

– reception desk

– waiting area for patients

– bathroom

– utility and administrative premises.

It will also be necessary to consider the layout and design of each of them.

Why is it necessary to order interior design

The interior of a dental clinic should be simple and functional. Patients need to intuitively understand where to go and who to turn to, because every dental appointment is usually quite stressful, and doctors should have everything at hand. Often it is the speed of the procedure that decides in what mood the patient will be and which result they will get.

Selection of colors for dental offices

When deciding on a colour scheme, you need to understand what kind of clinic we select it for: a family, children’s or adult clinic.

If we are talking about a family or children’s dental clinic, then for such a place it is better to choose a brighter colour scheme. Eye-catching accents are good options for diverting attention from the hospital theme. For example, it can be images of cartoon characters. They will not only distract but also amuse little patients. In this style, you can arrange a whole clinic or a separate play area. You can also add art supplies and children’s toys here. Having been in such a place once, the kids will be happy to visit it again.

For a dental clinic where only adults will be patients, we recommend choosing a more restrained and calm colour palette. White is used as the main colour, and delicate pastel colours are preferred as accents. They will create a feeling of cleanliness and lightness, as well as slightly ease the tension of worried patients.

The reception in the clinic is one of the most important places because it creates the very first impression. Immediately after talking with the administrator, the new patient will already have an impression and a certain mood will appear. That is why this working area needs to be thought out no less than the interior of the dental office itself.

The perfect solution would be to place the registration desk opposite the entrance so that it is immediately clear to the person to who they can turn. Near the counter itself, it should be convenient for the patient to fill out the necessary papers and questionnaires, but at the same time, they should not see what is in the workplace of your employees.

In the waiting area, we recommend placing a coffee machine, a TV or speakers that will create background noise, magazines on abstruse topics and not on dental procedures, a water cooler and comfortable furniture.

Selection of furniture design for dental offices

Speaking of furniture, it should be easy to clean, pleasing to the eye, cosy, comfortable and reliable. These are the main rules that should be followed when choosing. The best dental clinic furniture design is a simple design. Furniture should resonate with the main idea of the interior. It can perfectly play the role of the main accents in the space. Maximum wear resistance and minimum additional parts, Push to Open technology, with which dentists will not come into contact with surfaces, but will be able to open cabinets with one touch. All this will greatly facilitate the life of all employees and simplify the observance of hygiene rules.

Selection of lighting for the office

Particular attention in the design of a dental clinic is given to the selection of the right lighting. Of course, it is better to choose locations where there will be no problem with natural light and it will come in sufficient quantities. However, artificial light mustn’t be just pleasing to the eye, the doctor must see everything that is located in the operating area, as well as the patient and the space around them.

Certain European standards must be taken into account when creating the interior of a dental office.

Lighting requirements are as follows:

  1. Е1 – the general area of the office, in which the illumination intensity will be at least 500 lx;
  2. Е2 – the preparatory area where the doctor’s instruments are placed – at least 1000 lx;
  3. Е3 – the operating area 20×30 cm with lighting from 1600 to 2400 lx.

But it is also important to take into account the colour temperature and the coefficient of reflection of light from the ceiling and walls of the office. We will help you calculate all this during the consultation.

How thoughtful interior design helps to attract new customers

A thoughtful interior of a dental office or an entire clinic is at least 50% of the success of a new or existing business. Of course, the remaining 50% is the professionalism of doctors, but when choosing a new place for dental treatment, each person will first pay attention to what this clinic looks like. Professionalism, unfortunately, cannot be “felt”, but it is quite possible to get a pleasant first impression from a beautiful picture and want to come to you, and not to your competitors.

Where can I order the interior design of a dental office

The correct selection of decor will help to complement the beautiful interior of the dental office. In a children’s or family clinic, you can add figurines of cartoons or movie characters in addition to bright pictures on the walls. Posters, paintings or photographs will fit perfectly into such a space. However, the main task is not to overload the interior and keep the visual lightness. Thanks to the decor, you need to make the space more interesting and memorable, make it a feature of your clinic. In general, it should be a puzzle that fits perfectly and the last and most important detail should never lack.


That is why we recommend not to engage in “self-treatment”, but to turn to design professionals. We will help to maintain this balance by creating a design project for you, further bringing it to life!

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