The main childhood fear for most modern adults looks like this: the sound of a dental drill, screams from a neighboring office and memories of pain in the doctor’s chair. Such associations do not at all encourage visiting the dental clinic again, even if the situation is already completely critical. Fortunately, as time goes by, the idea of what a dentist should be like is also changing.

A modern dental office what should it be like?

Today, a modern dental office is not something terrible. A nice hall, a warm welcome from the administrator, coffee or tea before the procedures: all these are conducive to relieving stress. The renovation of the dental office, decorated in white, will help you to trust and not worry about sterility. Bright accents will add zest and distract from the hospital theme. And comfortable upholstered furniture in the waiting area will allow you to get comfortable and at least relax a little before the appointment.

Equipment for the dental office what to pay special attention to?

However, no matter how much has been done to distract the patient from thinking about upcoming procedures, the main advantage of any dental office is modern equipment.

The first thing to choose is a dental chair and a dental unit. The chair itself is of two types: hydraulic and electromechanical. But there are a lot of types of dental units and it is necessary to choose based on the budget and requirements. We advise you to pay attention to devices that have at least 4 tubes: for a gun (spray-air-water), an ultrasonic scanner (for removing plaque and stones), a lamp and a micromotor with straight and angled handpieces.

Some of the best dental unit companies are Stern Weber, Diplomat Dental, Dentsply Sirona, Ritter Concept GmbH, and KaVo.

Organization of space

After you decide on the dental unit and dental chair, the next step is to choose such equipment for the office as:

  1. Dental stool. It should be no less comfortable than the patient’s chair because the dentist will have to spend most of his working time in it. The stool must be mobile and adjustable in height.
  2. Visiograph. Without it, root canal treatment would be impossible. Thanks to this device, it will be possible to take pictures with a low dose of radiation.
  3. Filling materials. The quality of this item will go a long way in determining the reputation of your clinic. The dental filling is one of the most frequent procedures in the dental office, which means that these patients will recommend your clinic to their friends and acquaintances. But only if they are satisfied with the work of the dentist and the durability of the fillings. That is why we definitely do not recommend saving on these materials.

The best manufacturers of filling materials are Japan (Tokuyama Dental, Shofu, VOCO, GC), the USA (The Dental Advisor, Kerr, 3M), and Germany (Kulzer, VOCO).

  1. Refrigerator for storage of medicines and autoclave for antibacterial treatment of instruments.
  2. Set of tools. This includes tweezers, gum scissors, curettes, disposable syringes and needles, dental broaches, dental mirrors, etc. In total, there are more than 100 items, also including dental drills. There are many models on the market today that bring patients a minimum of pain and discomfort.

Furniture for the dentist’s office

Furniture. We would like to put this point in a separate block since it is no less important than the choice of professional equipment. Special requirements are placed on furniture for a modern dental office. It must have a smooth surface that does not attract dust, and the materials must be resistant to daily cleaning with disinfectants. Therefore, choosing something cheap and short-lived will not work, since after a month the entire coating of such pedestals and shelves will begin to chip off. This will not only be unaesthetic, but also unhygienic, and therefore unsafe for patients.

The most important furniture for the dentist is movable pedestals and tables. They are designed to store everything that needs to be kept at hand: drugs, tools, auxiliary materials. Such furniture usually has wheels and therefore can be conveniently placed anywhere in the dental office. This allows you to better equip the workspace.

You should also pay attention to the choice of medical chairs, trolleys, cabinets (for instruments and preparations, for employees’ clothes), cabinets (mobile, floor, hinged), sets for the sterilization room and laboratory tables.

Our tips for choosing furniture for a modern dental office in terms of convenience and hygiene:

  1. A minimum of cavities, joints, and seams. By choosing seamless upholstery, simple fittings without voluminous details and decor, the cleaning process will be greatly simplified.
  2. Push to Open magnetic locks. With this type of lock, an assistant or a dentist does not have to touch the furniture with gloves, it will be enough to press the necessary cabinet with your elbow or knee and the door will open. This is an important point in terms of hygiene because the main number of viral and bacterial infections is transmitted through touch.
  3. Organized space. For example, in the sterilization zone, you can combine a sink with a dental cabinet, and a UV irradiator with tables.

Modernity and comfort

However, furniture in a modern dental office can play the role of not only one of the main assistants to the doctor but also become a memorable feature of the clinic. If you choose white as the main colour (and we recommend doing so), then the fronts of the furniture will just help to make an accent. An excellent combination would be to use a colour that matches the logo of the clinic. As the main techniques, we also recommend using decor, posters with images of abstractions or nature. In such an office, patients can feel more comfortable than in a room with bare walls, remaining one-on-one with a white office and a dental unit.

Furthermore, we would like to pay attention to the organization of space, as this directly affects the speed and convenience while working with the patient. To take into account all the subtleties in the office environment, the furniture is selected at the design stage. Based on the layout and utility connection points, we will help you to determine the equipment in different zones: the main and additional, the disinfection and sterilization zone. We will also help you decide on the shape and quantity of furniture, as well as necessary equipment.

How to create a modern dental office – on your own or turn to professionals

Of course, based on many recommendations from Google, you can try to create a modern dental office on your own, but as our practice shows, this cannot always be called a successful experiment. Turning to us, you will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises, as we know exactly what nuances you will encounter during the work.

How can we help you?

  1. We will select and advise suppliers of furniture and appliances in which we are confident. Your budget can be any because we are familiar with both the VIP class of manufacturers and economy options that will meet all hygiene requirements.
  2. We will create the right layout of the premises, which will help optimize the time for your employees.
  3. We will make a project on paper, and then we will reproduce it exactly to the smallest detail so that each patient wants to contact you again and recommend the clinic to their friends.


A cozy modern dental office is not a dream, but a quick and clear construction project in the hands of professionals!

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