Often the office becomes a second home, and sometimes, let’s be honest, the first. Here we spend at least 40 hours a week and of course, how comfortable we are during this time determines our productivity. Therefore, sooner or later, the task of making a good office renovation becomes an urgent task for every business owner. And the task of our company will be to ensure the simplicity, speed and availability of this renovation.

How to prepare for office renovation?

The first question that every person planning major or minor work faces is how to prepare for an office renovation? The main problem that worries all office employees is the need to continue working during the renovation. Meetings, ordering, work calls – all this cannot be paused. However, if everything is planned correctly, it will minimize the discomfort.

Make a schedule of repair work

Thus, first, we make a plan for the renovation itself:

  1. Choosing a company that will deal with the office renovation
  2. Measuring
  3. Budgeting. We want to focus on this point since many contractors mention one amount before starting work, but in the end, it turns out to be completely different. Therefore, we make the most transparent and accurate calculation for our clients so that the final amount does not differ from the initial estimate.

How will the office renovation go?

  1. We will create a detailed plan of the premises and make redevelopment if necessary.
  2. We will create a plumbing, ventilation, heating system layout, an electrical wiring plan, and a floor framing, ceiling and wall plan. An estimate will be already created at this stage with an exact indication of the cost and quantity of all materials.
  3. Let’s make a purchase. We work with suppliers that have been proven over the years and are confident in the authenticity of the materials they offer.
  4. Let’s prepare the surfaces and proceed to the main work according to the ceiling-wall-floor scheme.
  5. The final works are the installation of lamps, sockets, appliances, decor, and preparation of workplaces.

When is it better to do repairs in the office?

But before you seriously consider starting the renovation, how to decide that you need to start doing it right now? The first hint is at the moment when you come to work, and you realize that you began to feel not very comfortable. The walls no longer seem very clean, the furniture is “tired”, and the floor has the marks of life in the form of scratches and trampled coating.

Every time new clients come to your office, the first impression they get is not you, but your workplace. After all, when you come to an expensive store, first, you see the window, and only then evaluate the quality of the seams on the clothes and look at the history of the brand. Therefore, we recommend doing a minor renovation in the office regularly: approximately every 5-7 years.

How to avoid clutter when repairing an office?

Drawing up such a plan, as we suggested above, allows us to avoid disorder and chaos during office renovations. Orderly renovation work will allow timely removal of construction waste and maintaining order. This will simplify the work of employees if at this time they will be in the office and continue their usual work.

Moreover, as a life hack, we advise our clients to mark equipment with stickers and divide the space into which documents will be moved into zones. Thus, after the work completion, it will be much easier to find the necessary things and return them to their original places.

Selection of convenient equipment

To help our customers save both time and money, we constantly follow the construction novelties and do not use outdated technologies. Our specialists always choose the most suitable equipment for any kind of work.

Given the specifics of office space, the ideal light temperature should be 4000-4500K, this will imitate the natural light colour. With such light, the productivity of employees will be maximum and after a short time, office workers will not feel tired.

Acoustics and lighting

We recommend using warm light in relaxation zones. It will allow you to distract and feel as relaxed as possible. Such a cold-warm contrast of light in the work area and the place of rest will be very useful for rebooting.

Constant background noise reduces the level of concentration, affects the physical condition and adversely affects health. Therefore, the acoustics in the office greatly affects the results of the work of employees. This sound problem becomes especially relevant for open space owners, where workers do not have separate offices and the noise level is sometimes very high.

In this case, noise-absorbing tricks, such as partitions and screens, carpet tiles as a floor covering, and hinged acoustic panels, come to the aid. At the consultation, we will help you figure out which of these is suitable for your office.

Office renovation without stopping the company’s work

If you are planning to renovate the office without stopping the main work, we will help you properly zone the space so that it does not become a far-off dream, but something quite real. As a way out, we can offer the renovation by floor or separate office blocks. We also advise you to discuss possible difficulties with employees in advance and, if possible, familiarize them with the schedule of upcoming work. This will make it much easier for them to understand what is happening at the moment and the approximate dates when the workspace will finally become perfect.

Choosing a good contractor for repair work

Of course, an office can become like this only thanks to the correct work plan and following this plan. In order not to get into an expectation-reality situation, we advise you to entrust the task of the office renovation to those who have already done these types of work more than once. Our company Euromed-Bud has already made several dozen office renovations in Warsaw. We will be happy to create a truly ideal workspace for you and your employees, respecting all technologies and features.

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